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    We had a very rough night last night, our new baby girl has a cold. Its sorrowful listening to & looking at her snuffling & sneezing, especially when she is so tiny.

    She is only 4 weeks old, so she has no clue what’s going on and was crying quite a bit last night – which sounds odd coming from her as she has cried very little since she came along.

    Poor little mite, wish there was something I could to take it away from her :(

    Any advice on what to do to help her feel better most welcome…thanks


    Poor little thing.
    Hope she gets better soon.


    From what I was reading in a magazine last night, and some of my own ideas…

    Some olbas oil, vicks on a tissue in the room away from her but near enough for her to smell it….

    NIce warm baths, loads of boobie milk ( eat some garlic!!)

    Raise her slightly in cot? ( not sure if u can do this with baby so young?)

    Don’t have her too warm…


    In terms of the raising her…. I used to use a thin pillow under the top of the mattress… that way she is not lying flat down… she is slightly at an angle… def helps with breathing… and she isn’t in danger at all…
    You know yourself that if you have a cold and lie flat it feels like the world is pressing down on your face… but raise yourself a little, and the pressure is less.

    That and baby olbas oil/ carvol on a tissue near enough to her, but not actually on her…

    and saline spray / drops…..


    Saline drops and steam are your only man… i wouldnt use vicks or Karvol in a room with a baby so young, just think your better off without it.

    The thin pillow under the matteress is what we had to do.

    I have a brilliant steamer i use on my boys, your very welcome to have a loan of it.


    Hi Sabbi,

    Sorry to hear about your little one. Unfortunately at this age there is not a lot else that you can do except for the things that the other posters have suggested. Saline drops/spray are particularly useful for unblocking the nose. If you can time it, try using them 15mins before feeding as it will mean that your baby can breathe easier whilst trying to suck at the same time. Karvol and Vick are not recommended at this age. Raising the baby up a little can help. Try to aim for a 30 degree angle which would correspond to putting a couple of rolled up towels under head of the matress of a full size cot-bed. If you are using a crib or moses basket you can use something flatter. Steamers can be helpful especially if you are running central heating at the moment as it can leave the air quite dry. Alternatively you could leave a small bowl of water on a hot radiator. Lastly, do check her temperature, as a temperature spike could suggest an infection (not very likely at this age.)

    I hope she is better soon,



    Thanks everyone. Took her to GP today as her chest sounded very rattly but thankfully, no raised temp or chest infection.

    We raised her mattress a little last night on one end and she slept much better than the night before. She actually slept from 11pm – 4am without any bother, so at least we are getting some sleep. I could not believe when she woke for her feed it was 4am.

    When she wakes she is bit upset but hopefully, it will pass soon and she will be back to her happy little self.

    She is so good and its heartbreaking seeing her upset. Wish could take it away from her.

    Thanks again for all the tips. Really helps to get advice from other mums. x


    Hi there, so sorry to hear your little one is poorly. I have just emailed you some acupressure points that use can use that help with relieving colds, sinus congestion, head and chest congestion and also points that help strengthen the Immune System. Hopefully Summer will respond well to these. Let me know how you get on 😀


    She slept well last night, she is such a good baby. Even with a stuffy nose and rattly cough, she is mostly placid. Only woke up twice for feeds and went back to sleep without any fuss.

    Did the acupressure points Annette suggested; have her mattress slightly elevated at the top of her moses basket; using the saline drops and have a few drops of baby Olbas at the end of my bed, so there is a faint smell of it in the room but not actually in her moses basket or very close to her.

    This all seems to be helping and hopefully, in next day or two she will be back to her happy little self.

    She is taking plenty of feeds and can really feel her putting on somegood weight, so that’s giving me good peace of mind.

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