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    hi all please can some one give advise please my baby is just 2 weeks old and gettin it hard 2 go toilet(no. 2). so they say now not 2 give baby water an sugar so wat is the other options ??? igave him some any ways and it helped thanks :) :)


    Are you nursing babs yourself, or are you using formula? I know that some of the formulas would be known for causing constipation in babies…, perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss with your PHN / Pharmacist, or doctor?… and if using, perhaps to swap to another brand? I BF both of mine, but I know of moms that would have used certain brands and had to change.

    I would have known of the water and sugar too…. 😉


    Congrats on the baby, yes its fine to give cool boiled water and brown sugar (works better then white sugar)

    Are you Breast feeding? My ds only did 1 poo a week while being breastfed, the other did a poo on every nappy, so no 2 kids are the same.

    If formula feeding, are you using SMA? I find sma can bind babies up, Aptimel and Cow and Gate are brilliant for keeping babies regular, ring the pnd for advice


    Not pooing & being constipated are two different things entirely – if constipated the baby will have a hard tummy & be very uncomfortable. (a bit of wriggling when learning to poo is not a big problem) If you are formula feeding, a chance of formula might help.

    if you are breast-feeding & the baby is having lots of wet nappies, don’t panic. Bf babies can go up to two weeks without poo-ing, although I’d check with the doc after a week…..


    Are you using formula or breastfeeding? mine could go 7 days or so without a poo when I was breastfeeding but they were not upset or crying, so it was not too worrying.

    is your baby upset and does his/her tummy feel hard? Go see your Public health nurse, I think its ok to give a little bit of water & brown sugar occasionally but you do not want to give it often. Get some advice about whether or not you need to give it.


    The cooled boiled water without the sugar will do the exact same job. I think the idea of putting the sugar in is just to tempt the baby to the taste.

    You should be due a visit to the nurse or doctor at this stage, so would ask them how often the baby should poo.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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