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    so annoyed reading that….why would they not let your DH stay??!! Last year we had that issue raised in the Dail and it was supposedly resolved and dads are supposed to be allowed stay to be with their partner now. Of all the times in your life you need to be together – this is a very important one.

    What did they say to you about why he had to go home? I wrote an article about this for Irish indo last year and will get the paper back on it if this is happening again. The bloody cheek of them.

    We are planning a home birth because of the way we were treated at the hospitals with our 2 births, it was awful having my husband sent home and being left there on my own – they would not let me go home because my waters had broken so I had to labour alone. In hindsight I should have kicked up a fuss – but when you’re in labour and focusing all your energy on that, its difficult to think about anything else.

    The parking charge is ridiculous – I would seriously ask them what were you supposed to do? Should you have gone to the long term car park and walked back over in labour? There should be some rule about women in labour being exempt from that. Its scandalous.

    How is baby coming along and how are you feeling? Sounds like you did a great job having her and will recover quickly hopefully.

    Congratulations, so happy that you are home with her and can get on with settling back into family life.

    If you feel up to coming out with the two of them on 5th April, we have our Mumstown get together at the Bagel Bar, Laurence Town Centre, would be lovely to see you there – nothing like a new baby to put a smile on everyone’s face.

    Take care and enjoy this lovely time with your new baby. x


    Hi All,

    Just to let you all know I had baby Lily yesterday 24/03/2011 at 05:27amWeighting in at 8lb 5 ounces natural delivery and I went home yesterday.
    We are both doing very well and my 21 mth old daughter is well is a handful at the moment but very good.
    Just to let you know we had to park in the car park at the hospital as the security wouldn’t let us park outside the car park at the hospital and it cost us 40.00 Euro 😮 so be warned and we weren’t even parked there for a full day.

    Best of luck to all you ladies that are in waiting to deliver

    Love and Light

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    Thats great news, love the name and congrats to you and your husband.

    Shocking that they wouldnt let you park outside!!! 😯 Your in feckin Labour… you didnt have to get the mini bus or walk from carpark? 😯 40euro is terrible, never mind we cant afford to be sick nowdays, we cant afford to visit the hospitals 😆 😆 😆


    Congrats on your lovely natural birth! I have the same age gap between my two and tho hairy for the first 6 mos..they would be lost without eachother!

    Enjoy your babymoon 😉


    Shocking about that parking, cheeky gits!! Guess thats one good thing about home births 😆

    Congrats on arrival of Baby Lily, nice to hear some good news. Bet your 21 month old will be mad about her in no time!

    Take it easy and enjoy this special time. x


    Thanks Girls,

    For the messages I must say If I did have anymore children I would do a home birth as the hospital is a changed place.
    I went in on the wednesday nite at 10:30 pm went back home at 11:10 pm 23:10pm on 24 hour clock and went back in at 02:30am .
    My husband was not allowed stay with me so that is why I went home as I was in the height of labour at that stage had been in the early stages for 2 days prior to that.
    I used Homeopathy throughout my whole pregancy and throughout the labour and my tenses machine.

    I was back at home at 1pm on thursday.

    I had no stitched I only used pepatine no effect and gas and air which was fab.
    The car parking situation is an absolute joke.I could not believe that we had to pay 40.00 euro to park there while I was in labour giving birth to our beautiful daughter.

    Thanks girls for all the well wishes


    Love and Light
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    What is it about the fathers not being allowed stay, i was on my ds2 for over a week and seen many many upset mum and dads to be, one poor girl was in early labour, she was only a young little thing and very upset about the whole labour thing!! But the poor girl went to bits when her boyfriend was told to leave and come back in the morning 😯 They were from Carlingford and she was worried about him not getting back in time, it was september and the young fella was going to sleep in the car all night, we gave him our dressing gowns to keep warm 🙄
    They should have an area with day beds for dads to crash in and a coffee machine


    Hi Sabbi,

    Thanks for your message and for inviting me to the event I will definitely be there.
    My views on the whole labour thing just really annoyed me and I felt other ppl need to be aware what goes on at the hospital I was actually shocked with the whole thing.
    But thank god I had a natural delivery with no mishaps and I live in Drogheda but if I was ever to have any more children it would be a home birth for me for sure I would never go through that again.
    My daughter Lily is fantastic just gorgeous like all babies are.
    I hope your getting on well with your pregancy.
    But I think in these days that the Lady of lourdes hospital needs to start focusing on what really matters the women who are giving birth and ensuring that thereas comfortable as possible and there partners.
    There is too much emphasis on time and what ifs.
    Anyway i look forward to seeing you on the 5th April.

    Love and Light

    😀 😀 😀


    Welcome Baby Lily 😉 and congratulations to you mom, and the your family!
    (mine are 19 months apart.. and are incredibly close…. LOVE it!)


    congrats on baby lily – lovely name


    But thank god I had a natural delivery with no mishaps and I live in Drogheda but if I was ever to have any more children it would be a home birth for me for sure I would never go through that again.

    Please take a moment to fill out a survey so we can get the first birth centre in Ireland up and running! We need to show there is interest!

    As a mother about to have her 2nd Home birth I’d strongly recommend it 😉


    Congrats on your new arrival


    Thanks everyone for the lovely messages was out walking Lily earlier and a girl on the same street had a baby on the same day and weighting in at 8lb5ounces amazing.
    Done the survey also.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes.

    Look forward to seeing you at the laurence centre.

    Love and Light

    😀 😀 😀

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