Neverending Cough

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    Hailey got a cough in November & she still has it now.she has been on inhalers for the past 6 weeks & to be honest they havent really helped much at all.was back at the doctor again yesterday & she has given her a 5 days of steroid tablets….am really hoping that they work,am getting to my wits end about it,As Id say 5 nights out of 7 she has interuppted sleep with the coughing, also her chest is quite rattly throughout the day.

    Doctor has sent a referral letter into Temple Street to get it investigated further.

    Just wondering does anyone on mumstown have a child that had a diaphragmatic hernia when they were born & if so did they find that they were prone to chest infections coughs due to poor lung development

    Any other advice to ease stress on her with coughing would be great,Thanks


    Not sure how helpful this is but I remember seeing something about teaching the child to blow things to strengthen their chest & lungs. Things like, blowing peas around the table with a straw. Not sure if it would be helpful for Hailey but maybe say it to the GP andsee what they say?

    Be wary of plug in air fresheners, my nephew had awful coughs & asthma and it was ages before we found out plug in fresheners and the ones that blow air around the housecan trigger if off.

    Try and get her fresh air when you can too, wrap her up well but try to get her out. The fresh air should do her lungs wonders!


    Hi Sabbi,we dont have any of those plug in air freshners but thats good to know.

    I dont think she would be able for blowing peas just yet,as in that she is 14 months old & doesnt really grasp blowing if you know what i mean.

    Id say she is outside everyday as we have a dog & we go walking everyday & shes usually with us in the buggy.

    Thanks for your tips as always

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