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    dd was in school today and had a pain in her tummy she told me she got sick in the toilet and told her teacher her teacher told her to put her head on desk and that was it now poor dd is up in bed since 6 with a sore tummy and isnt feeling to well at all . the school never rang me to tell me she was sick and i was told before this is school policy i sign a form for it so they should of rang me they have me house phone and moblie :evil: .


    Most schools do have a policy, but maybe the teacher thought she just felt sick and didnt understand that she did vomit! Could be something simple like that.
    My ds is getting tummy pains on and off for the past 3 weeks, he has had to be taken indoors at school break twice and he has also had 2 days at home with pains, we think its a rumbling apendix… the school ring me or pass on a message to whoever is collecting him that he had his tummy pain again. Maybe contact the school and have a chat, no harm done thank God


    The poor little thing but you should give the teacher a call. My ds was in a similar predictiment last week. He arrived out a the school gates holding the teachers hand and started bawling when he seen me. His teacher said about half an hour left in school he complained of feeling unwell and told him to rest his head for a while. She said she didnt call because it was so close to the end of the day. I explained to her that I live very close by and never mind calling over to the school to pick up the boys.
    Maybe this could be the same in your case


    one of the 6th class kids was in the class and she said she was like that from half 9 and just sat there in the yard not playing with anyone and the teacher gave out to her for not concentrating on her work how the hell could she concentrate feeling sick. her temp was very high dismorning left her off they have no school till wed.


    If she was like that from 9.30am what was she like when going into school? I do think give the school a call and ask why you went rang, can you believe the 6th class child, could she be just playing up to the drama "oh she was like that for hours!" If she was like that from 9.30 im sure you would have noticed her a bit under the weather dropping her in…
    Maybe the teacher thought if her mam dropped her in like this, well she know what she is like, also alot of kids can play up, my sister got a phone call last week, her ds was sooo sick leaving school they got into the car and he asked "could he go to the playground?" 😆 😆 😆
    Go in on Wednesday and chat to the teacher, but school policy is school policy and doesnt look like it was put into practice in this case. Hope you dd is feeling better xxx


    i was told to drop her in sick cause so she would be on the role call and they could send her home if she was bad they said if she misses any more days i will have the inspector at my door with a letter even though i sent in 3 doctors notes. she missed over 30 days of school this year cause she had tonsilitus and mild astma. she ony had a tummy ache going to school and she was running around yard before class started so i thought she was ok a couple of kids seen her get sick aswell so i do believe the child she is much better now. dds friend was left in soiled underwear and clothes crying last week her mam was going mad. i thought it was a nice school i was sending dd to but looking at the things i have heard and seen lately i am slowly having second thoughts.


    OMG that terrible, well if they said drop her in for the roll that doesnt sound right! I think our school is over 20 days? Or is it 30? Sorry dont know… but that system is there to protect the child and what they are doing in effect covering over the cracks, what if you or your child had a problem and this was leading to days off school, to cover it up seems wrong to me.

    If you have doctors notes or not if you child is sick dont send her to school, even for the roll call. Its not fair on the child if they say one thing and do another… let the inspector call. I know someone who took there child out of school for 3 weeks and nothing was said, she gave a note saying going on holidays.

    The child in the dirty pants is terrible, do the kids not bring in a change of clothes, i know most schools have spare clothes in the press and the child has to changed themselves…


    i was talking to my old teacher who is now head of my old primary school well she said to drop in wenesday and enroll her for senior infants its only a 5 minute walk from my house and they do catch up classes and speech language classes in it and they will help her and some of her friends from the street go to it so ill be happy to send her there.
    the teacher couldnt find the childs spare clothes and they were in the bottom of her bag the parent pulled them out and show her them the teacher probably didnt want to change the child she might of got dirty 🙄
    defently going ahead with change of school with dd she wants to be in the same school as her friends and maybe she might not be so sick.


    Dont think the teachers are allowed to change the kids, if they cant do it themselves they are ment to ring home… thats terrible for the child, what if the other kids found out. My ds1 wet the bed one night and went into school and told his friends he wet the bed and the slagging he got 😆 😆 😆 Kids will be kids…
    Maybe this is the push you needed to change her school, better to do it now when she is so young, good luck xx


    i told dd about the change of schools she is eally excited and hope she gets in swearit was christmas i never seen her so happy like she faked a faint as a joke cause she was so happy 😆 😆 😆 never seen her to do that before.
    little boy down the road from me done a no 2 in my neighbors garden today neighbor rang the guards on him he is only 4 the guard told the woman that she was wasting there time on the phone he was only a child probably couldnt make it home she was fuming the snobby cow. 😆


    OMG if i seen a dog poo in my garden i’d freak, never mind a child 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 A neighbour sent me a text telling me to look out the window, all the boys standing against the wall having a wee, they were all about 3 or 4 at the time 😆 😆 😆
    Delighted your both happy with the move, things happen for a reason and all that jazz…


    Teachers are not allowed to change a child or help to wipe bum if they can’t do it all by themselves.
    So if they get dirty and can’t wipe themselves properly, taking of dirty underwear and putting clean could be not enough.
    They have to call parents, and also child has to tell teacher (they can be embarrassed to do so), so the teacher could not have notice.

    It’s 20 days, they school HAS TO inform HSE or dept of education or social services (can’t remember which), and in the letter they send they also send all the notes from gp, parents, then it’s up to the dept to see what to do, often they don’t send inspector if no wrong doing from parents.

    But maybe if not happy with school and child wants to change and place in a nearer school, why not.
    Kids to change schools and often it solves some difficulties.

    In my kids school I heard kids who change for that one or kids who also left that school. A school can be good for some kids and not others and vise versa.

    Good luck,


    she got a place int he school nearer to me straight away she is delighed she will be starting in september 😀 cheaper uniform and books 65 euro does for the books for the hole year so thats half the price i payed last year so happy.


    you paid over 65 euro for junior infant books last year 😯 😯 😯 I got all ds’s books for under 50e, his senior infant books cost me 57 euro

    super minder

    i changed my jack from donore school to le cheile best move ever . hes treated with respect the teachers dont talk down to you and everyone so friendly. jack reading and understanding of things is better . he dosnt miss much school and he happyer . jack doesnt like shouting. and now hes in a happy place xx

    good luck for school change xx

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