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    Was reading the post on ‘Grangerath’ thread and reminded me of my first home. It was a semi and I planned to build onto it and live there for a long time. But it was a semi, and as I always say you own 3 walls but never the 4th……and our lives were miserable. I tried to be optimistic but it was a rented house next door and after nearly 6yrs I moved because no matter who lived there it was noise and hassle whether it was domestic issues, people drinking in garden and foul language during the day, floorboards being lifted in the early hours and being banged down again (mind you the house was raided after we left and stolen goods recovered I heard). We would never enjoy living in that house when we were always trying to block out the sound of neighbours. We moved to a detached and I swear to this day I would live in a tiny detached house any day over a larger semi. Our current house is also a detached. I was reared in a semi but the neighbours were far more considerate. My experience of living in a semi was so bad I could never buy one again, it was our home but I spent more time trying to stay out of the house. I even resorted watching the same tv programmes as my neighbours at one stage so it would ‘block’ out the noise of their tv. And the alarm clock in the main bedroom of next door, which was separated from ours by a dividing wall, used to wake me up too :evil: :evil: I know most houses are built as semi’s but surely there has to be a way of putting in better dividing walls these days.


    Mummy5 i was the very same, i loved my house but started to hate my neighbours, through no fault of there own…. just normal things like the man of the house farting while he wee’d in the mornings, the tv, bob the builder etc their washing machine on spin at 1am!!!!!!
    These are normal things that you shouldnt hear from your neighbours house. Best thing i ever did moving, would only ever live in a detatched house now!!! Couldnt go through that stress again

    Think older houses were better built, never heard noise like that in my mams house


    I grew up in a small council estate in a terraced house and the walls were grand and thick enough that we did not have to hear everything our neighbours did. It never bothered me all the time I was growing up.

    Then we moved in to our first house as a couple and the walls were paper thin, I remember one night laying awake listening to the baby next door coughing all night – they were that thin!

    Not our neighbours fault but it was stressfulat times, when the baby was crying and I had to get up at 6.3am for work 😥

    Think a lot of houses in the old days were better built in terms of sound insulation! Can understand why noisy neighbours can drive people nuts!


    i have to agree.our semi was like living in same house as nexdoor.also was brought up in a semi, very litl noise.solid,but unfortunately my parents still live in the house for over55yr and in recent yrs since the neighbours passed on, they have been very unlucky with thehouse being rented to various people, nothing but trouble,noise,filth.parking issues,mam had to ring co. council who came and removed 20 blackbags of refuse as there bin hadnt been paid for and not collected for sometime. i expect the landlord got a fine but he doesnt seem to give a hoot.they are fed up but as this age of their life and in bad health,they dont need it. but mam said no way she would move as her friends ,life in the area.its such a shame


    Have to agree you cant buy good neighbours, we live in a new semi but we chose one were the stairs & hallway are joined to the neighbours, so 80% of the living areas are on the furthest away part of the house. We lived in standard layout before this & learned our lesson from listening to the neighbour coughing his lungs up in the morning from being a heavy smoker! Used to put me off my breakfast! Its definatley the new houses 🙄


    Its a bit like the last taboo subject sometimes….talking about ‘neighbours’. Heard some strange things in my time 😆 but def embarassed to tell. Mind you my first house was built in the 70’s and was the same as the one I grew up in……so I came to the conclusion that people just live making more noise now…..suppose tv’s etc. were smaller and hadn’t powerful speakers either, or sound systems that boomed out the music. I think people just think they have a right to live as loud as they want to with no concern for neighbours. I would definately say moving to a detached was the best, and I mean the best thing I ever did.My parents live in a semi with a rented house next door and its always pot luck on who goes in next. They have had loud party lately but people are also afraid to confront people about noise as you hear such horror stories about what can happen. Years ago people knew their neighbours more too and it helped build up good neighbourly relationships with more respect for people.

    I agree with sueb about the layout where halls are ajoining instead of sitting rooms etc. It would give a lot more privacy I imagine, so why don’tmore builders do this…would definately sell more houses.

    By the way when I sold my semi I hadn’t the heart to sell it to a young couple…sold it as an rental property and felt okay then. Had to get out and did feel guilty selling it but what can you do.


    Sinprey thats terrible about your parents, not what they need at this stage of their lives… my mam is very lucky with her neighbour, they all respect the fact they live so close

    I live in a detatched house but my neighbour are still a pain in the ass, one had to cheek to take the boundry fence down, i was 7 months pregnant at the time and it was very very stressfull (went into early labour and think it was due to all the stress) i couldnt let the dog out into the garden as i was afraid she would get lost, couldnt let ds1 out, he was 3 at the time and could have gotten hurt, the dog cut her leg and we had to pay over 100 euro to the vet, i wanted to bring D###head in the bill but dh wouldnt let me…. we thought we were going to have to take the legal route to get the fence back up, dh called in every month asking him to put it back, after 7 months he did…… but since then has moaned about our tree and cuts the branches if they go as much as an inch over the fence, he sweeps up the leaves and droppings/seeds off the tree and throws them over into the garden!!!!!!
    We got sky tv fitted and they had to go into their garden to change the hd wires, the next morning i had 3 bits of wire at the front door, they werent there after the sky guy left, so the only thing i can think is that they were dropped into their garden and then they chucked them in at our door….. walking past their bin to do so!
    There is alot to be said for living at the top of a mountain 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    If I had the choice I would definately move if neighbours were audible through the walls. Though I think I’d be the noisey neighbour now with my little rugrats! 😆

    We bought a small detached rather than a larger semi-d, largely based on 10 years of listening to my neighbour flushing his toilet in the wee hours of the morning (eaugh..). 🙄

    I feel so sorry for people who are locked in negative value in houses that they dislike, it must be dreadful.


    Mine is a semi where staris are against stairs. Butstill dont stop me from hearing the neighbours kids elephanting themselves up the stairs……..and smell their cooking but other than that its grand, cant hear no toilets, farts,tv’s or talking unless they roaring at the kids hahahaha.
    I can live with it…if it really got to me id knock and tell them I can hear them and they are so nice they prob try and keep it down.

    Id love a detached house but it took me so long to be able to buy this house on my own that i aint (and cant) move 🙂


    I can’t understand why a builder doesnt soundproof the houses better when building them in the first place. I woulda payed gladly for a nice semi with a bit more than a flat block dividing wall. A little extra in the building would make it a much better selling house in the long run. Maybe with the ‘recession’ builders will try to sell their houses based on being a better build with better soundproofing.


    Houses have a BIR energy rating, Why dont house have sound proofing certs too… think in the boom, builders could throw up what ever crap and people/ us fool paid top dollar for these houses


    Like I said earlier on it is the big taboo subject still talking about your noisy neighbours and what you hear through the walls…… worst experience had to be a ‘domestic’ between a couple when I thought my own walls were going to cave in, their house was fairly wrecked and the lady hospitalised. But I still didn’t feel I could go in and ask them to ‘keep the noise down’, I was scared silly myself at the time just listening to it.


    I have fantastic neighbours on one side and had a chinnesse girl on the other side but she is gone home so her son’s can learn chinesse, and wont be back for 3 years so she has her house rented out. They are polish I think with a little girl. so far they are quite.hopefully it stays that way


    I live in a detached house, but still have trouble with the neighbours about noise but seemingly we are the culprits (yeah right) one of my neighbours is completely obsessed with noise, like normal noises, always at our door complaining about this and that. Its got to the stage now that i think they are not well!! seriously, wait till you hear….

    Like we never have parties, our kids are young & quiet, so they dont know how lucky they are living beside us. We get on great with all the other neighbours.

    They have asked us to remove our side gate from their wall, even though everyones side gate is atatched to their next door neighbours side wall because seemingly the gate nails in the wall were rattling & causing noise to travel up their wall and into their house (lol)- my husband is in the building trade & says this is not even possible – we had to pay to gate the gate re-designed & attached to / supported by the ground. We just did it to keep the peace as they kept going on about it. The man who put in the gate said he had never heard of such a thing.

    For months they complained about things rattling in our back garden at the night time, we can not hear these noises – i removed the top of the gas heater, took the flap of the extractor fan, put all the toys away everynight. We tried to think of anything it could be but they are still not happy. I can only hear natural noises that are made when it is windy.

    The latest is that we woke them bringing out our wheelie bin at 7am in the morning & in future could we bring it out the night before -Ahhhhhhhhh

    I could go on as there are other examples of there over the top requests of us to keep imaginary noises quiet.

    tbh, we have tried to do anything we can to keep good neighbour relations, but they are going to get the roth of me one of these days when they come knocking on my door again with some ridiculous complaint. My husband is far too nice to them, i can hardly stand the sight of them anymore.

    They are middle aged but not old & have no kids, so dont know about real sleep deprivation!!!

    I dont know whats wrong with them, they are just weird.


    God thats terrible!!!! I do know i have often gotten up in the middle of the night and taken kids toys in or umbrella down as banging could keep me awake, but come on what do they want?
    My neighbours gate rattles (was a single gate and side panel now its a double gate) like mad, it has often woken ds1 up on windy nights… Frightend the crap out of me when he first changed the gate, but now i know what the noise is, it does annoy me but i’d never call in and ask them to fix the rattle!!!
    The whole bin thing, im sorry i would have told them to go and feck off with themselves….. too much time on there hands or very unhappy lives!
    I know my father lord rest him, was like this about a factory behind our house, he would watch out for them loading at the loading bay after hours, if it didnt annoy him so much i bet he wouldnt have noticed it at all

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