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    The Royal Treatment for Postnatal Mums and Babies

    You’ve been discharged from the hospital with your new baby. You’ve left behind the security of the postnatal ward where staff are instantly available to answer your questions and concerns. All throughout your pregnancy you have had access to medical professionals…..your GP…your consultant your midwife… help was always available at the end of the phone – until now – when it really matters.

    Neighbourhood Midwives can magically bring calm to chaos in those first few days at home with your new baby (without a wand!). We bring the best of hospital care right into the heart of your home.

    Your private midwife can help you and your family ease through the adjustments and the changes a new baby brings by emotionally and physically helping the family during the postpartum period. Essentially we ‘mother the mother’ while you and your partner find your feet.

    So let go of the guilt of having someone help you out in these first few days or weeks! Remember after birth, all women deserve practical support during the early days at home with your newborn.

    Our midwives provide postnatal care, support, advice and information to Mums and Dads as well as gently guiding you in caring for your newborn baby.

    Contact your health insurance provider for information on reimbursement for Midwifery Services.

    Gift certificates available.

    Visit – for more details or check us out on Facebook at


    I think this is a great idea. I remember coming home with my first baby and literally not having a clue what I was doing. Also, I had an episiotomy and had not been given any advice about how to care for that while I was in hospital. So when this was still painful 3 weeks after my baby was born, I was not sure if that was normal or not and I was embarassed to ask anyone about it – but eventually I had to go to my GP and it turns out it was infected. If I had been given good care and had someone I could trust to ask, I would have had it sorted much sooner.

    Unfortunately my PHN was not very nice, so I did not want to ask her!

    Having some midwives come to you privately is such a lovely idea – getting that support and advice after birth is amazing. On our home births our midwife came nearly every day for a week after the babies were born and she was incredible. I trusted herto ask about anything awkward or taboo – she was so helpful with feeding and my recovery.

    Great idea – I hope this will help lots of mums and I know Tracy and she is such a font of information so anyone who gets her will be very well looked after indeed. 😀


    Its a good idea for anyone who is a first time mum too I think. I reckon I could have done with this 10 years ago. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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