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    Im have some trouble with a neighbour, we have a small hedge in our front garden, it runs between the two gardens but planted in my garden. If any litter blows up the street and blows under the bushes my neighbour picks it up and throws it into my garden under my sitting room window!!!! It has happened about 6 or 7 times, up until now i have pick it up and put in the bin, but durning the week a neighbour was in watering their plants and her child was eating a chocolate bar, i seen him throw the wrapper away…. i laughed "oh that will end up in my garden"
    My neighbours came home from their holidays and did a clear out from under the bushes and threw all the rubbish into my garden…. to say i was fuming would be an understatement!!! For the first time i threw the rubbish back, after all it was a visitor to her garden that threw the rubbish…… 2 days later ie today the rubbish was back in my garden, i know its petty but i AGAIN threw it back.
    I AM STUNNED that someone would pick up rubbish and throw it into someone else garden, i have a pain im my a*se picking up the litter they throw in…. i have it on CCTV and im strongly thinking of sending it to the litter warden, im so sick of it. Anyone know where do i stand? Should i ring litter warden?
    There is a bit of history with this couple, 3 years ago we started taking legal action against them over a boundry fence, so i think they are being petty over the boundry due to this issue…. so any rubbish under the bushes would be over the boundry line, but do they have a right to throw into my garden? Should the rubbish on their side of the bushes not be their problem to pick up and dispose of?


    simple….tell them to build a little wall on their side if its annoying them so much, then the rubbish thats on that side of the wall will be theirs to clean up. Why choose your garden to throw it into…makes no sense if its rubbish blowing in from the street??? Why not choose another neighbour?


    When it blows into their garden, the next port of call is under my bushes on their side iykwim… rathen than picking it up, they look at it as the litter is under our trees so its in our garden!!!!
    We got our sky dish fitted a few years back and the guy dropped a few clippings of wire into their back garden, the next morning i had 3 1/4 bits of wire at my front door!!!!!!
    Im going to put a little boarder thing in, so the litter wont blow under my bushes and will stay in their garden and they will have to pick up themselves


    That’s appalling…the cheek of them!!! I would ring the litter warden and explain the situation, just make sure you mention the boundry issue as well just to cover yourself.

    Just editing this to say that maybe you should confront them about it first. You do have to continue living next to them after all. Having said that I still think it’s disgusting behavior!!


    I wouldnt be bother talking to them tbh, when they took the boundry fence down there was no talking them them, even though they well knew they were in the wrong, it took 7 months before they replaced it…. I was at the end of my pregnancy and i couldnt let ds1 (3 at the time) or the dog out into the garden as they would have been about to get out with the gaps in the fence!!
    They were so hard to deal with over that, no way will they listen about the rubbish…. im going to put up a light netting at the base of the hedge, so the rubbish wont be able to blow under it, it will stay in their garden and she will have to pick it up.


    my friend had a problem with her neighbour they kept throwing nappies and other stuff at the side of her house she got a camera and caught them in the act they got evicted after 6 months for another reason . my next door neighbour doesnt have a wheelie bin! her daughter takes her rubbish for her and puts it into hers 🙄 . she asked me the other day could stop letting my cat out cause he keeps scraping her stones in her perfect garden and peeing in flowers there is abnother 5 cats in the street it could be any of them.


    We got a site earlier in theyear, when the boys are older i cant wait to build and move away for nutters!!!

    We have to call in next door as we have some work about to start and need to get into their garden to access the side wall of our house, i was onto the contractor about dust and giving him the tip off, he told me they will be very clean and if they dont allow us into their garden to do the works, we will just have to ring the Garda as its our right to have access to house for maintanence work.
    Anyone know about this?


    Oh, I don’t think you have a legal right to access someone elses garden unless there is an existing right of way. Could be totally wrong though.

    Horrible neighbours – it will be great to move off.


    So what if i need to put new gutters of paint the side of my house? Have i not got the right to have someone work on my house?? Where would i find out this…. the contractor said he will deal with them and ring the Garda if needs be, but i would rather know my rights before i knock in to arrange access for a work date….. Just need to talk nice to dh and get the money to do what i want, might have to rob a bank 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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