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    Hi all,

    I am getting married in August and would really appreciate any help I could get with reccommendations for services eg. Videographer, cake,photographer, car rentals etc etc. I have a limited budget so if anybody knows where I could get a good deal on these I would be very gratefull for the help and advice.

    Thanks again,



    Hi Dierdre,


    Every thing there you need to know.

    I am getting married in September , but not locally.


    hey are you registered on WOL? (weddings online) its a great website for planning weddings, the forums in particular. We had a very small wedding and did it on a shoestring, got a lot of good advice from WOL. We just wanted one car for us, so we hired from Murrays in Dublin, it was a new merc with a driver. He brought me from Dublin to Navan for the wedding and then back into Dublin for the reception, it was 300 euro. For the cake, we got 2 separate tiers as this was cheaper than something mounted and we put them on boxes covered with fabric and ribbon. We got our cake from Thunders in Drumcondra, cost 250 for 2 large tiers (we had 30 for sit down meal and 70 for afters and there was still 1 full tier left after) but i’ve heard people getting good deals from McCloskeys. My cousin is a photographer, so that was her present to us. I can pass on her details if you like, not sure what her usual rates are. Good luck with the preparations, its all very exciting!


    Thats great guys, thanks for the info so far I will definately check it all out.

    Any details for services would be more than welcomed.

    Thanks again,

    Deirdre 😀


    Hi Girls,

    Deirdre,i just want to say Congrats to you 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Aw, thanks MNG. 😆


    Congradulations Deirdre on announcing your big day.

    It is a very expensive time,

    I got married 11 years ago , i had Jimmy Weldon as photographer / video was by Ben Corcoran / car was ambassador cars from Dublin / my mother in law made my cake & dress.

    My sister got married two years ago.

    As pressies we got together – friend did photographs / another friend did video / Pat thorton did music – he is excellent plays all types of music , i could bet you his number i didn’t have it.

    Has none of your friends got a big car – passat / avenis – all need is a ribbon – looks just the same

    Cake – black & coulter or try Tea Time Express they do nice Cakes – Fiona in Mayorality Street.

    Best of luck again


    Congratulations Deirdre!
    WOL is great for all the advice and tips. I had Jimmy Weldon for the photos – he isjust brilliant. Cars – DH’s aunt had a 5 series BMW and his Mam and Dad a 3 series one – so we used them, looked really well. You could make your own table favours if you are having them. You could type up your own wedding service – my cousin is a florist – and not being too biased, she is very good as she is artistic aswell – she lives in Duleek too, I can give you her number if you like.
    Like Libby said – get family/friends to pay for things as presents – doesn’t pinch as hard then!

    Best of luck and enjoy every moment in the run up to wedding!


    Congratulations Deirdre and good luck planning!
    Just to let you know there is also a Bride & Groom listing in the Mumstown Directory.
    Just click here: … ction_id=4


    There is a company called they cater for all budgets i would use them a lot ,The guy that runs it is called Des 0833303131
    and he is very helpful, there based in dublin put would do a lot of work in meath and louth.If you need anymore info just pm me Viv .

    Sabrinab 08

    hi deirdre, i got married last and saved a packet, i have lots of good contactsthat will not cost and arm and aleg, and lots of ideas on money saving, i did all my own flowers with a friend, wedding favours myself.. pm me if your interested and i can forward on all the names and contacts to you, i kept them in a folder!.. oh congrats btw 😀 😀


    Totally recommend David Deegan for the photographs!


    Hi Deirdre, if you are going to have a band, I can recommend one. PM me for details.



    My dad does wedding videos, and most of his work is by word of mouth alone. He is fully digital and edits work using computers so finished result is excellent. If you want more info just pm me. congrats and best of luck with the organising..

    JImmy Weldon is a great photographer but also a gentleman. He is the man behind the idea and the camera for the new Drogheda Hospice Homecare Calendarraising funds for this charity….its a fab piece of work also. My dad also worked on this project with Jimmy and produced the dvd for the lauch night.


    Ive pm’d you, there is a girl who lives in Duleek and she is a wedding planner. She is particularly good with small budgets! Im hoping to get married next year and im not joking when i tell you ive a budget of approx€8000. I also know an excellent dj whom i had for my christening in August he is the biz. Best of luck.
    My wedding list for you to have a look at

    Function Room – Gaa club/Community centre there is tonnes of these newly built with state of the art deco and modern bars all you need in nice table settings and candles etc. They willeven give you a red carpet. The only difference is no residence bar but you can always book a hotel nearby and you can have the resisdents bar there. You will save a fortune.

    Food – Caterer at €12 – 15 per head and that with 3 different dishes to choose from Starters, main course and desserts. Thats including salmon/soup etc

    Wedding cake – Local bakery pop a bride and groom on top

    Wedding cars – Get your friends involved with the nice new cars and put some wedding ribbon on.

    Wedding dress – Always sales on in January, also tkmaxx have beautiful bridesmaid dresses that you can get a dressmaker to alter or add to if you wish. Ive seen some stunning flower girls dresses for under €50 in there also in cream with lovely little buds or flowers on them.
    Suit Hire for himself – Buy them they will get a life long wear with a nice black/grey or whatever colour suit any wedding ive been to this year the lads bought shiny black or grey suits with black shirts etc looked great.

    Photographer – gove people disposable cameras as a gift, Get your friends to take photos on disposable cameras and give them to you so you can get copies, also get your trusty uncle to record everything pop it into the computer with some backing music and bobs your uncle. For the wedding album i would spend extra money investing in what you will always have forever. My cuz got a lad from the local fas who needed to put together an album for his exam and he did a stunning album.

    Erm what else?

    Flowers – Moorse street you cant beat the traders to do you a good deal and they can do some beautiful bouquets. I would put some nice white or whatever colour chiffon material you like to place on the church seats.

    Print up your own handbooks people never hold onto them anyway.

    Honeymoon – Book it online you can get some excellent wedding deals if you book a year in advance.

    Best of luck its the best day of your life. Ive been to wedding ranging from 8000 – 50000 euro and to be honest i had an absolute ball at every one of them! 😀

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