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    Hi all,

    Need some help….we are looking to buy two mid sleeper beds from somewhere in Ireland. We usually buy our furniture from Hodgin’s but they cannot get the ones we want in stock for another few weeks unfortunately and with baby on the way shortly, we want to get them sooner if possible.

    We would be happy with any of the following:

    Verona mid sleeper: … board.html … ep-station

    Can get the above for around 400 pounds or under from some UK suppliers but do not want to buy from UK, want to buy Irish so looking for someone who can get them for us and deliver & assemble from within Ireland.

    Any help much appreciated.


    Aspen study bunk:


    Ikea and they have 75%of at the moment. well worth a trip up


    Contact love they will do a better price then that, they did from me last week.
    Did you look in Wogans, they have stuff like that


    IKEA have no mid sleepers on their site. Going to pop in to Wogan’s and have email Love too so waiting for them to come back to me.

    reckon my hubby wants to run a mile away from me, I’m nesting like a woman posessed!!!



    The ones in ~IKEA are the blue / white reversible bed. They don’t have the bookcase underneath, but you can pick up one cheap enough… even in Ikea.


    Try Harvey Norman’s we got a popsicle bunk bed there and it is really lovely, and they do mid-sleepers in the same range for €369, see:



    Thanks all for the advice, its so hard tracking down furniture at times…..

    We specifically want them with the built in desk & chest drawers and saw some lovely ones on Love site and they deliver & assemble so think will go with them.

    Let’s hope they can deliver in July, before this baby arrives!!!


    Sabbi do they assemble? Is that not an extra charge? I should have delivery this week, just waiting on a phone call from Laura at Love

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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