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    Girls and Lads

    I am planking myself about tomorrow..

    dd is getting grommets inand possible adenoids out.
    She is getting this done in Mount Carmel.
    We have to be there for 7.30am.

    after we book in , does anyone know the routine…

    how they put her asleep etc ?
    How long the procedure lasts ?

    I am sick with worry…


    Often (don’t know for that procedure but my son went in hospital for a 1 day minor surgery and it’s how it happend) you go in, fill paperwork, then then bring you and kid to the bed she’ll wake-up in.
    Let you settle a bit.
    Then bring the child in the bed to the theatre.
    And you stay out.
    The child will breeze into a mask to calm/make her drowzy.
    Then do the needle in arm and all. Anestheology then while you’ll probably wait in her bedroom, they’ll call you if child needs you in recovery room, if child doesn’t ask you, they’ll wait before they call until all a bit more settle.

    You’ll be ok, so will she.


    Thinking of you.



    One good tip is to bring some things to keep you both occupied, like books, Nintendo DS, magazines, colouring books etc. It can be a long day, so have plenty of snacks for yourself and water too.

    In the morning, she will be checked in when you get there and they will fill in all her details and then you will be brought to the bed where she will beafter the procedure.

    For us, it took an hour or two after we were checked in before he was brought to theatre and he was bored senseless, so very glad we had his DSI etc with us.

    When he was brought in to theatre I was with him and they very quickly and gently put him asleep (thats the worst bit for us mums but bear in mind that the children have no idea whats happening, as they are asleep, so try not to worry too much when it happens, they are oblivious)

    You then wait at her bed for them to call you when she is in the recovery room. Usually the parent sits beside the child until they wake up, so the first person they see is you. This can take a while so bring a book or magazine with you, if for no other reason that to distract yourself.

    Then its back up to the ward and she will be asleep for a while and then when she wakes up, they’ll probably get something for her to eat.

    The thought of it is worse than the actual event, I was worried sick about it but it was nowhere near as bad as I anticipated it would be.

    Good luck, hope she is back on her feet soon.


    thanks girls , here packing her little bag with her.. oh god have a lump in my throat… need a glass of vino after this,


    Almae she will be fine…. dont worry, well you will worry, your a mum…. but try not worry too much

    Text me if you need to pop over to my mams for a shower or anything….


    Almae i’m sure all will go well – i had that op as a child and main thing i remember is being allowed lots of Jelly & Ice cream 😉


    Munchin the lastest is to give pringles!!!! 😯 We thought my sister was mad but heard a few others say the same…. the doctors say the salt helps the healing! 😯


    well i had tonsils done at same time can’t imagine eating pringles then lol



    Hope all went well today.


    well all went well…

    she is home , just the grommets were done , her adenoids were ok.

    It was heartbreaking them giving her the gas , i felt so helpless.
    I was more upset than her.
    she was started on at 10.35am and we were called to recovery at 11am.
    She was a real trooper.

    she is here now shouting out the orders. lol

    Mount Carmel Staff were just amazing..


    Aw brilliant! Glad you both okay!


    ah brilliant big relief for you i’m sure


    Ah thats great. Glad it is all over and done with.

    Kids are great, the way they take everything in their stride and we mams are the bubbling messes -lol

    Do you mind me asking why she needed they out? and how did you know there was something wrong with them?

    Taylor – pringles ~??? really ??? ouch.


    I was in shock too about the pringles, they were done private in Clane clinic Kildare and a child done in Crumlin was told the same…. i think the whole jelly and icecream thing is gone as some kids were afraid to eat solid food after the op….. my nephew roared crying, he was only 3 and was promised jelly and icecream, a paniced call from mammy to nana who ran to the shops to get jelly and icecream for when he got home 🙄


    Glad to see all went well.

    Shes well on the road to recovery if shes shouting orders to you 😀

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