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    I’ve been going to my doctors for years & its also a drama to get an appointment, you have to be pushy, insistent & dramatic.

    This week is the final straw, i rang yesterday & was told told they have no appointments available this WEEK at all. they asked me to ring this morning to see if there were any cancellations but when i rang they were all gone. They said to try again tomorrow morning. Seemingly they are short staffed due to holidays!!! Its a complete joke. They said if it was an emergency they would oblige me but its not but id still like to see a doctor this week. If it was for one of the kids i would have said it was an emergency.

    Anyway would like to move to Drogheda Medical Clinic on the Dublin road as its even nearer to me but dont know anyone who goes there?

    Dont want to move Doctors to find out they are not any better?


    my sister in law lives in England and that type of thing is normal in the most of the gp practices – they hold a few appointments for emergencies but otherwise it’s usually days before she can get an appointment

    Hope you get sorted MaryE


    Dr Nikki Mc Caffrey in the Bryanstown Centre is fab. She is moving toher own practice upstairs next month. She is a mother of young children as well so she gets where you are coming from! She always manages to squeeze me in last minute so can’t recommend her highly enough. Love her!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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