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    Has anyone heard this or is it just the media romour mill? It will be a shame to lose the hospital to Navan, link roads arent as good to navan as they are to Dundalk or Ardee


    Just seen the news, Navan has just been advised as the best suitation for the new hospital…. Fergus O’Dowd is really backing Drogheda, fair play to him…. just remember that girls if we have to vote again anytime soon


    cant believe it would go to navan as it is supposed to be a regional hospital , navan is very close to dublin


    According to the local paper they are considering Navan because the HSC has been given a good bit of land there (and more TDs!). From what I heard it’s pretty certain but not 100%.

    I’m hoping it’s not there. That’s a long drive on bad roads when you need A&E in a hurry.


    but they also have land in ardee!!!! there is no direct bus route to navan from alot of areas of the north east the only good point is that dermot ahern didnt win out by getting it in dundalk


    I dread navan roads……

    its so dangerous, theres always reckless drivers speeding.

    When will they really cares more about
    Drogheda People when Dublin area has already so much more facilities of their own ??

    In Fact, every county should have their own hospitals .

    And Navan already has its own hospital ….

    Which area has most populations people living in Navan or people in Drogheda?

    Isnt Drogheda and other county is also part of Ireland like Dublin too??

    When will they fully ever consider the whole consequence of shifting the only hospital in Drogheda?

    TDS is more important or all the People living in Drogheda Needs?

    They may soon demolish the only current hospital that service all people throughout in Drogheda….

    If People of Drogheda needs is Taken seriously then they should also
    Re-build by providing all its People living in Drogheda even a Bigger and Better Hospital.

    and it has to be located again in Drogheda for Drogheda People and not elsewhere where TDs think only selfishly.

    lst they made us pay so much higher for our train tickets even we are so near to dublin isnt that is greedy enough…

    2) they Take away Cancer Dept ….who suffers Cancer Victims Most.

    3) Take away Only Hospital in Drogheda ….Who suffers WHole NAtion in Drogheda

    Is like waiting for a Huge Crisis to Happen and everyone in Drogheda will suffer due to Lack of Health Service .

    if they think they are cutting costs i says they are actually cutting lives..

    Our Only Hope
    A New Hospital In Drogheda.


    You wouldnt mind Ardee or even Dundalk as the roads to get there are fantastic
    The roads to Navan are shite!!!!! They dont even have a train service!

    Well the people of Drogheda should band together and make a stand, we should get as many signatures and if it take it get onto the streets with our buggies and block the traffic if needed to get our point across…. this hospital cant go to Navan its madness
    Its a scandal…. could you imagine being in a car bumping the roads to navan 😆 😆 😆 😆

    The HSE should be disolved, they are a Catalogue of errors and bad judgements…. why build a new A&E department in the OLOL then move the whole thing???? Madness, Im sooo angry about this and I cant speak highly enought for Fergus O’Dowd he is a great spokesperson for keeping our hospital here


    dermot ahern said this hospital will never be built as theres no money excuse me but if some of the fatcats in the hse and government where gotten rid of i am sure there would be plenty of money 👿 imagine driving to navan from drogheda with a child convulsing in your arms


    Or having a heart attack on the back roads….

    Right this super hospital is being built "somewhere" in the north east, but it will be easily 10 years before the first patents ass is in one of the 750 beds…. But they are running the OLOL and the Louth, Cavan General etc into the ground and this new hospitial is only in the planning stage…. 3rd world or what!


    so in the mean time we all suffer 😈 😈 i think the hse is a total disaster


    We have a health service run by bean counter and they dont have a clue the money they spend on "think ins" and for consultants and advisers to do reports it a joke… Look at all the crap that went on in that beautifull hospital in Cork
    My dh was working in Tullamore hospital about 3 years ago and he was back down about 12 months ago and the state of the art hospital was still lying there empty….. if they worked in the private sector they would be sacked in weeks..

    I feell really strong about this issue, I think the people of droghed should stand together and take to the streets in protesst if we loose this hospital to NAVAN…. Dundalk I wouldnt mind, as its closer for the people of cavan and monaghan.. plus better roads and a train and bus route

    Why is everything in this country done arse about face and when its done ita a piss poor job…. look at the port tunnel cost nearly a billion euro and now the port is moving to balbriggian…..
    Cant believe they are building a new A&E in the OLOL when this new hospital is in the pipe line….
    Its like the M50 for 2 years they did upgrading works to fit a heavy duty wire along the central margin costing no dought millions (from South Dublin M50 to Dundalk on the M1) the job was no sooner finished and they started the m50 upgrade works and ripped the "new barrier" up!!!!!!! Is there no forward thinking in this country…. my father wrote to the NRA about 20 years ago, saying they should build a 3rd lane while building the m50 and cover it with grass untill needed, he was told a third lane would never be needed and it would push the road budget up my 3 million!!!!!! 20 years later its costing the taxpayer almost half a billion and then we will have to pay about 5 tolls on it…………what do I pay road tax for? Sorry but is it not to pay for building roads? We pay so much raod tax we could tarmac half the country without one toll in site!!!!! 😈 😈 😈 😈

    Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh this makes me soooo angry……. idots running the country.


    i’d like to know who actually voted for these ass holes 🙄


    Well I didnt, I can happily say. I always voted for FF but the past 2 elections I voted for others.
    The last election I voted FG (God my father would turn in his grave, he was a huge FF man and going back to my grandfathers) I voted for Fergus O’Dowd as he was a local man…… we need to start voting tatactics, we need as a town to vote locals into the Dail. Look at how well Navan and Dundalk do as they have locals TD


    well noel dempsey and dermot ahern are total twats , fergus o dowd at least is down to earth think mairead mc guinness is good too rang seamus kirks office twice and left a message they never replied 😈


    I do like mairead mc guinness but never voted for her as she gets plenty of votes from the dundalk people, I alway try and vote local…. just to give the town more power

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