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    Another big blow to people waiting on hospital lists for surgery. At least with this scheme even though it still took months/years to get acutally seen by a consultant, then have diagnostic tests done and eventually get onto a waiting list for surgery-people knew that at some stage they would get surgery they needed to improve their quality of life. Now people are just going to be left on lists indefinitely. I think its another sneaky cut that hasn’t been publicized and if anything there are still many people on public waiting lists that don’t even know this scheme exists.


    Its a sad state of affairs but you have to badger the hospitals when you are on a waiting list. our son was on a waiting list for an operation for over a year and then, without any reason given, his care was transferred to another hospital and he went to the bottom of the list again. I called regularly and asked if a cancellation came up, could he be slotted in and this eventually happened.

    We have to chase everything now, its sad but thats the way things have gone here sadly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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