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    It is National Meningitis week this week.

    For details about causes and symptoms and how to react to a suspected case of Meningitis go to

    Also, here is an article about Meningits in teenagers; … =154711307


    The contact details are:

    Telephone: 01 276 2050 Fax: 01 276 2051

    Web: – Ireland’s dedicated website.


    24-hour Freefone nurse-led Helpline: 1800 523 196 – offering information about the disease and local support services


    Our little one had a cough, up and down temperature and was very off form last week and I was worrying myself sick she could have meningitis but thankfully, she seems to be getting back to herself now. Any other week I would have thought it was just a cold but with Meningits week going on, I was watching her like a hawk.

    Good to have these Meningitis phone numbers and website details just incase, as I was able to log on and check the symptoms and she did not have most of them, so it put my mind at ease.

    Still watching her this week to make sure she’s back to normal….whatever normal is!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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