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    Just to let any of my fellow ttc’ers know…that there is now a new Napro doctor starting up in Navan….so a trek over to Galway that may have put some people off will be thing of past….

    I am going down Napro route now..after failed Ivf’s & 8 yrs ttc….they say they have a 40% sucess rate compared to 20-25% for IVf…

    also very good sucess with mutiple miscarraige problems….

    also natural way of contraception if ur no longer wishing to have any more children.

    search napro on net and it will come up with all info….very very interesting….


    Hope it’ll work for you and everyone else.
    You’re a lovely person, wish yu the best.



    Thanks Big sister, thats wonderfully encouraging news…i know i have heard such sucess stories from his clinic….we are so looking forward to moving along the programme and even if we dont have any more children they give you answers as to why you cant concieve which is so we feel we cant lose either way…but of course are hoping against hope Napro will be our fairy god mother………

    I dont think enough people are aware of it in Ireland…

    and now we have a more local clinic and doctor in Navan..hopefully this will open door to more people to give it a try…..

    thanks again for sharing your story,

    Moonflower xxx


    Oh thats brilliant, I was recommended to go to Napro for treatment of my Endo… the trip to Galway put me off and just stuck with the drugs as a treatment. Might look into it, I do know LOADS of girls ttc for months and with a few visits and charting in Napro they hit jackpot
    Good luck girls


    that’s sounds interesting moonflower, best of luck, i hope that Napro works for ya, and that’s great big sister having her 3 kids the napro route so ya never know moonflower could be raising a football team in no time….

    best of luck, positive waves heading your way


    Scole, if Moonflower has her own soccer team, I’ll let you babysit. 😆

    Moonflower, until the full soccer team I’ll babysit if you ask me (but you never do…..).
    Yesterday I had a bunch of kids (friends of my 2) and survived, so the limit for now moonflower is 3 or 4.
    But if you have a choice do them one at the time, I know you’ll stay the supermum you already are but I’ll need time adjusting 😆

    Hope Napro will work for you and all other mums to be, and will give you the opportinity to welcome many children in your family.

    Talk soon,


    Hi Moonflower,

    It sounds interesting and I wish you all the luck in the world with it.

    If you feel up to it, perhaps you could keep up posted on how you get on. I know some girls who read this thread but are not yet ready to join in discussions but they get support, encouragement and hope from just reading about what others are doing and how they are coping.

    Hope everything going well for you,


    Hi sabbi,

    funny you should say that i had another follow up today and already things are being hilited just by tracking my cycle and getting regular blood tests that were never picked up by IVf clinic….

    delayed ovualtion caused by stress…so those months you think your period is late….and hope against hope its because you are pregnant..often its stress around ovulation has caused yoru body to delay ovulation by a few days……….and then your period will also be later than expected….

    i am more than happy to share my story especially if it helps someoneelse get help they need to have a little one…

    moonflower x


    Hi Moonflower

    I am attending the Navan clinic for Napro – well I have my first appointment in two weeks. I have been tracking my cycles for about 2 months and my problem seems to be low progesterone. Its good to hear from someone attending it also

    I am very excited as I feel like I am finally getting answers and hopefully soon will get pregnant!!

    Jo x


    I wish you girls to be pregnant soon.
    I’m one of the lucky ones, it was never really an issue. For my dd it tooks us nearly 2 years, but I knew that I wasn’t ready.

    In the 70’s 80’s they try to promote more birth control by the catch phrase "a child if I want, when I want".
    It was always about choosing not to conceive if not wanted, and the subject was, still is open, easy to talk about.
    But difficulties concieving still is taboo, I’m glad to see the subject on the site.
    I have few friends who struggle for concieving, and there is nothing I can say or do to help them for the so expected baby, but listening is my contribution, even if sometime I might say the wrong thing.

    Best of luck all in your venture.

    Keep us posted, we’re listening.



    Hi Josparkles,

    great to see another napro poster on here! i have my first appt wiv doc next wk as well.

    did you get your food intolerance report back..mine is shocking cant believe how much i am intolerant to especially cows milk very intolerant…

    i believe this is done as food intolerances are supposed to be a reason for some miscarraiges & also they can cause antibodies in your body to stop a fetus even attempting to implant…. 🙁

    my bloods are very up & down..but interesting to have them monitored after all these years…..

    Good luck with your appointment!

    Moonflower x



    i would urge anyone who is struggling to conceive be it number 1 or no2, no3 etc to give napro a go…

    i cannot believe after all the years i have struggled to get an accurate diagnoses of my infertility possiblya blocked tube…which was never confirmed one way or other following alaporosapy by an IVf clinic after only 3 mths with Napro they have come up with 2 very good reasons as to why its nots happening…

    1…Food Intolerance…causing a syndrome called leaky gut which attacks yoru immune system & can prevent an embryo being implanted in your womb….
    2..Blood hormone levels very erratic…timed regular blood tests show up much more than just a one off blood test that seems ok…one month mine are borderline next they are all over place…..

    so anyone who is considering getting help please make that phone call….definately worth it even if its only to find out why…..

    Moonflower x


    After reading this post I decided to go down the NaPro route. It always interested me but the trek to Galway always put me off.
    I’ve just started charting my first cycle so I have to start with the blood tests. I have a quick question, do you go to your GP for your bloods everytime. It’s just the nurse in the practice where I go can never get a vein in my arm.


    Hi Odie,

    oh thats brilliant news,wishing you the very best with this new ttc journey,

    it depends what day it falls on that blood test is required,as the nurses in laytown only do bloods on monday & wednesdays so if my tests fall on another day i go to HSE clinic in Laurence centre bwteen 10 & 12.30 each day,very easy just take a ticket & wait no apptmnet needed and i think you can go there each time if you prefer…but you will need to get a blood test envelope from yr doctor as they wouldnt accept my Napro letter or even a letter from my doctor …you need the envelope that they put blood into to go off to be tested…but if you ring your local doctor & explain they should be able to help.

    take care,

    Moonflower x


    Reading the post, make me realise how lucky I am to have 2 wonderfull children at home.
    I wish you all the best in the first step of having your family. It’s a long wonderfull journey.
    Just hope that NAPRO will make that journey easier.


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