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    Hi all,

    My toddler had some spots that looked like boils on her hip, bum and legs. She was really cranky and upset with it and I tried loads of things to settle her. Finally, I went to the chemist and they recommended Bepanthen cream. It worked really well and her rash cleared up quickly and she was in much better form the next day.

    I don’t use any smelly baby products on her (I only user water wipes from Irish Breeze and no perfumed creams or bath products) so I know it was not a reaction to anything.

    Town Centre Pharmacy are doing the Bepanthen for a special price if anyone is looking for something for nasty spots or a rash, its worth a try.


    I swear by bepanthen. my dd has very sensitive skin and i’ve used it since she was weeks old. would highly reccomend it. must pop in and stock up if theres a special on as its a more expensive then sudocream or similar products. i normally pay about €9- €9.50 for a large tube down here, but stock up when i go up north.
    Thanks for that.


    only ever had any kind of rash on arse with either of mine once, and i used bepanthen – I thought it was miracle cream. Literally had vanished from one nappy change to next.

    I was disgusted couldn’t use the free little tube got in Bounty pack as neither ever had anything like again"!!!


    Town Centre pharmacy are doing it on special (for mumstown I think) – they have an ad on here and the large 100ml tub is going for 7.25, normally over 10 euro so thats good to know.

    Miriam is very nice in there, ask for her and tell her you want the Mumstown price!! Good to get stuff like this locally at good price, better than having to wait to go up north


    Town Centre Pharmacy are running some very good special offers at the moment, check their button advert or the link:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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