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    They are having a great sale in Name it, Laurence Town Centre this weekend. I got some lovely tops for my children and there was 3 for a tenner. I also got some snuggly little jumpers for baby for 3 euro each.

    Great stuff on sale in there at the moment, well worth a look!


    Must have a look, they have some nice things. I like their block colours.

    Talking about kids clothes, my ds wears very plain clothes so there is no exciting clothes shopping with him.

    Luckily my dd gets most of her clothes second hand from relations & friends who have older girls, so i only ever buy clothes when someone gives me a present of money or vouchers for her and then i do like to get her something nice in Next or M&S. To be honest, im so dissapointed with girls clothes, i find them to be way too patterened, fussy & pink. The bloody over fussy tights really are a pet hate of mine, unless she has a very plain dress the tights look wrong, they clash.

    What do you think? Im no fashion expert but i really think that there is a niche in the market for girls clothes, plainer things in block colours other then Pink. The clothes that are in teh shops right now all seem to clash.

    Anyway, i know in the scale of things, its not very important but it is something that ive noticed since having a girl. I thought it would be great fun dressing her but havent really been impressed.


    marye i’m amazed since i had my girls at the amount of different shades of pink and it drives me mad that there is sooooooooo much pink – why do they assume that all girls want to dress in pink – there’s nothing i love more than a lovely lemon or i love the lime green on both mine esp theo lder one. The 5yr old LOVES purple and has lots in her wardrobe – the younger wears pretty much what i give her – occassionally she’ll insist on wearing a certain thing but mostly she wears what i say.

    I do agree to that it can be very hard to find decent plain tights and if there’s a pattern in the rest of the outfit they more often than not clash

    I do love pretty but simple outfits – though to be honest there’s times when all mine want to wear is tracksuits or leggins and a top, in summer the older one lived in shorts and tshirts even though it wasn’t a particular nice summer 😆 😆 😆

    ill be in laurence centre tomorrow – might pop into name it 😉


    I dress my little ones in alot of purple & orange and get them in Name it easily, love their clothes. i have clothes that are years old from name it from when my 7 year old was small that were passed down to the 5 year old and now are being passed to the baby now. Thats good value!


    Oh i hate pink!! Thank god i had boys…

    MaryE i agree with you, a neighbours child had a stunning outfit on the other day, it was a gift from America, it was a hello kitty top with black sleeves and black leggings… she is only 4 but she looked sooo cool, the kitty part was white and pink and loads of glitter and bling and all without that horrib block pink look

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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