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    Myleene Klass has ‘admitted’ she put her breast milk in tea she gave her family.

    This is bizarre – why would she put breast milk in tea? Would adults really want to be drinking her breast milk in their tea?

    In my experience, breast milk is a precious commodity. When you express it you tend to use that for your baby’s needs and not waste it in tea for adults. I am not saying there is anything wrong with breastmilk but it is intended for babies and I cannot imagine it is any good for grown ups?

    This baffles me. Is she just trying to get into the papers? if so, it is a silly way to do it because she is kind of casting a shadow over the topic of breastmilk – as if it needs any more negativity, it has had enough bad publicity over the years ???!!! … 05720.html


    This is a bit odd. It’s great that she is so open about breast feeding we need more of that I would love if we didn’t have such a hang up about breast feeding in this country and we could all feed our babies freely when out and about not feeling embarrassed and not getting any funny looks from people. However I think putting your milk in people’s tea is very strange as it tkes such effort to pump milk so why waste it it is designed for your child so they should drink it.


    Thats what I think bookwitch – I loved breastfeeding my babies and I did it everywhere – and I mean everywhere! Churches, planes, trains, buses, supermarkets and anywhere we went with our babies. Its the most natural thing in the world but the milk is for babies so I am not sure about putting it in tea for adults.

    Ther’s no harm in it aside from wasting the milk that is supposed to be for babies.

    l know so many mums who use breastpumps to express for their babies and every drop is precious so it seems like a strange way to waste it.

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