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    anyone see this last night on channel 4 about a gay couple that had used theor own sperm and then egg doner and then a serrogate to have babies…they had their twins 10years ago, they said that they wanted firstly a boy and girl but twins, so the first egg produced a girl, the second egg was a boy but split to an identical twin, so they froze that egg to save for later, which they used 3 years later, so the older boy is the yonger boys identical twin just a 3 year age difference, mad eh, then they recently had twin boys again….

    i found the programme interesting, and the kids seem lovely and very grounded, they know wherethey come from who they are, their dad and daddy don’t keep things from them and they seem like a really strong familt unit….

    was interesting as eamon holmes had interviewed them 10yrs ago and he was saying that it wasn’t normal and that there would be outrage….and were they trying to prove a point….
    they said they were men who happened to be gay, and wanted kids, they biologically couldn’t carry their own baby so they wanted someone to carry it for them so they did that, they wanted a family and were doing it for them not for anyone else. one of them said that the only thing that he had regretted was the fact that he couldn’t carry his own child..

    i thought it was interesting….anyone else watch it?


    Didn’t see it but they have been written about in the media a fair bit in UK.

    Seem like a grounded, pragmatic family with an eye on the future. Good luck to them!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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