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    MY WAY, unveiled in 2020, is a fragrance that conjures a new vision of femininity, that is both profound and free-spirited. MY WAY’s captivating and contemporary mood is inspired by how life’s rich experiences and encounters shape and define one’s self.

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    In 2022, Giorgio Armani introduces MY WAY FLORAL EAU DE PARFUM as a new blooming, luminous, and floral fragrance. MY WAY FLORAL captures the exhilarating feeling of a new encounter, that makes those who experience it blossom. A brighter and fresher facet of the original MY WAY EAU DE PARFUM, MY WAY FLORAL is captured in a new, frosted glass bottle, whose translucent finish creates a veiled look, revealing just a hint of the fragrance’s delicate pink juice.

    Eco-conception is at the heart of all the MY WAY fragrances, which are all carbon neutral. This integral value reflects Giorgio Armani’s commitment to reducing the brand’s environmental impact, with a focus on the major driver of climate change, carbon emissions. The MY WAY fragrances achieve carbon neutrality through their refillable bottles, inclusion of natural and responsibly sourced ingredients, and the fragrances’ support of forest preservation programs. MY WAY is a fragrance for the future.

    AN EXHILARATING FIRST ENCOUNTER More than a name, MY WAY reflects how life’s journeys, whether they are geographical or emotional, create one’s character. It is the promise of forging a unique life story, that is shaped by the people and moments encountered along the way.

    MY WAY’s philosophy communicates a resolve to follow one’s own path, and how that route is discovered through connections with others. Imbued with MY WAY’s ethos of “I am what I live”, MY WAY FLORAL is inspired by how encounters shape one’s personality. It evokes all the exhilaration and sense of possibility that an encounter brings. MY WAY FLORAL, with its fresh, blossoming, and luminous interpretation of MY WAY’s white floral bouquet, conjures a memorable encounter, inviting those who wear the fragrance to open their horizons.

    MY WAY FLORAL creates a more floral, fresh, and multi-faceted interpretation of MY WAY’s contemporary floral signature, as the fragrance blends a blooming, white floral bouquet with luminous, fresh green notes. Composed by master perfumers – Carlos Benaïm, who crafted the original MY WAY fragrance, and Dominique Ropion (IFF) – MY WAY FLORAL conjures a fusion of cultures. The perfumers have selected the finest, most beautiful ingredients to tell this new fragrance’s story, taking the senses on an olfactory journey.

    MY WAY FLORAL’s uplifting top notes open with green mandarin essence, sustainably sourced in Italy, and petitgrain oil from Tunisia, which is fresh, green, and natural, lending MY WAY FLORAL its captivating brightness. Amplifying these notes is orange blossom, whose scent is created using a modernized version of the ancestral enfleurage extraction process, that infuses Egyptian orange flowers in bitter orange essence to evoke richness, complexity, and energy. Together, these notes create a bright luminosity, inviting those who wear the fragrance to open their horizons to new encounters and experiences.

    MY WAY FLORAL’s heart heightens the signature luminosity of MY WAY, with a duo of delicate white flowers. The tuberose absolute heart, sourced in India, is crafted to create a modern, natural, and solar note. This unites with neroli oil from Tunisia, which conjures an effect that is at once delicate, rich, and suave.

    The fragrance’s base evokes a new, floral sensuality, thanks to an innovative co-extract of neroli and vanilla bourbon. This refined process distils neroli oil from Tunisia with vanilla bourbon extract, to create a new, unique ingredient. Its olfactory effect blends the freshness of neroli with vanilla’s rich, warm facets, to create an addictive and enveloping marshmallow-like note. This co-extract complements a white musk accord, revealing a soft, delicate, and powdery second-skin effect. These notes fuse with creamy vanilla Bourbon Premium infusion from Madagascar, which is both crafted for Giorgio Armani and sustainably sourced as part of a program with NGO Fanamby supported by the house, to protect the environment and support the local community. MY WAY FLORAL’s warm base acts like a talisman, a reassuring touch on any journey, and a reminder of the exhilarating feeling of a new encounter.

    MY WAY FLORAL’s new, frosted glass bottle creates a translucent effect that evokes the freshness of morning dew settling on flowers. The frosted bottle hints at the juice’s delicate pink color, suggestive of MY WAY FLORAL’s bright, fresh interpretation of MY WAY’s radiant floral signature.

    Another striking element of the bottle is its deep blue, jewel-like cap, a signature of all the MY WAY fragrances’ flacons. This cap, shaped like an organic-looking stone, is symbolic of the world. It represents a powerful talisman, capturing the wealth of transformative experiences that inspire the MY WAY philosophy. A sleek gold ring encircles the blue stone cap, representing a path, while the blue fabric collar around the bottle’s neck nods to Giorgio Armani’s couture heritage.

    Reflecting the ethos of the MY WAY fragrances, MY WAY FLORAL’s bottle is conceived with environmental responsibility in mind and is crafted to be endlessly refillable. This chimes with the MY WAY philosophy of a new, sustainable way of consuming fine fragrances, that reduces their impact on the planet.

    Eco-conception is at the heart of all the MY WAY fragrances. This guiding value reflects Giorgio Armani’s commitment to reducing the brand’s environmental impact, with a particular focus on carbon emissions, the major driver of climate change. To do this, the brand strives to avoid, reduce, and offset carbon emissions wherever possible. Giorgio Armani commits to supporting the preservation of critical forests, offsetting those remaining emissions through a program of reforestation and conservation projects. Ultimately, all the fragrances within the MY WAY collection achieve carbon neutrality.


    As in all the MY WAY fragrances, MY WAY FLORAL’s bottle is designed with the purpose of driving a shift in luxury consumption patterns. The MY WAY FLORAL flacon offers the same innovative refill system as the MY WAY flacon, a first in the fine perfumery industry. All sizes of its spray bottles can be refilled seamlessly, without using a funnel.

    The easy refill process is completed at home by simply turning the refill bottle upside down to decant the fragrance into the original bottle, without losing a drop. This effortless method makes it intuitive to take a more responsible attitude towards consumption, as using fewer materials becomes a convenient option.

    And using a refill is more than a gesture – it demonstrably reduces the fragrance’s environmental impact. MY WAY FLORAL’s 50ml bottle and its 150ml refill bottle represent a 64% reduction in the fragrance’s carbon emissions. Compared to using four spray bottles of 50ml, the 50ml spray and its 150ml refill bottle together represent a 32% reduction in cardboard use, a 55% reduction in glass use, a 64% reduction in plastic use, and a 75% reduction in metal use.

    In the fragrance’s composition, Giorgio Armani favors using natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced both to guarantee their sustainability, and to support local communities through programs based on fair trade principles, in collaboration with local NGOs. In MY WAY FLORAL, this is exemplified in the vanilla Bourbon Premium ingredient, which is sourced via an inclusive sourcing program with local NGO Fanamby that pledges to improve local livelihoods, alongside ensuring the vanilla is responsibly sourced.

    As an integral part of its commitment to putting the environment at the brand’s core, Giorgio Armani contributes to several important reforestation and conservation projects. In 2021, Giorgio Armani directly contributed to the preservation of 14,000 hectares of forest, while in 2022 the brand commits to preserving a further 1,500 hectares of forest. The initiatives supported by Giorgio Armani in 2021 encompass a project in Brazil’s Serra do Amolar region to protect near 11,000 hectares of the Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetlands. In the Peruvian Amazon, meanwhile, Giorgio Armani supports a project that empowers farmers to engage in sustainable nut production and helps them to protect the area’s forests. In Zimbabwe, the Kariba project protects more than 1,600 hectares from deforestation, while promoting the wellbeing and sustainability of communities. And in Madagascar, the country in which the vanilla within all the MY WAY fragrances is sourced, the certified sustainable and inclusive sourcing program that Giorgio Armani is engaged in, with local NGO Fanamby, has secured the reforestation of 150 hectares of mangrove forest.

    In 2021, Giorgio Armani has supported these four reforestation projects which together cover over 14,000 hectares of forest.

    In 2022, Giorgio Armani is committed to protecting at least an additional 1,500 hectares of forest at the border of Amazonas state and Acre state in Brazil. This equates to over 15,000 hectares of forest having been preserved since the MY WAY franchise debuted in 2020.

    These forest preservation actions allow the brand to balance the annual residual carbon emissions generated by MY WAY. The brand will continue to support forest carbon projects over time.

    And alongside protecting the forests, these reforestation and preservation programs also positively impact communities and promote sustainable practices, that will ultimately reduce carbon emissions, too. The MY WAY fragrances achieve carbon neutrality thanks to both their eco-conception, which avoids and reduces carbon emissions, and Giorgio Armani’s program of forest preservation and responsible sourcing, which acts to offset those carbon emissions that are unavoidable.


    Unfolding like an exhilarating documentary, the transporting MY WAY campaign film encapsulates the idea of “I am what I live,” and the notion that one’s experiences and encounters shape a truly unique self.

    Directed by creative duo Hunter & Gatti, the campaign film reveals Adria Arjona’s reactions to a series of moving experiences with people from diverse parts of the world. In a naturalistic approach in line with MY WAY’s ethos, neither the film nor the campaign images have been retouched.

    And to illustrate that one can experience MY WAY’s extraordinary encounters closer to home, too, four films are introduced charting Adria Arjona’s memorable meetings with four inspiring individuals around her home city of Los Angeles.

    In this series, Adria Arjona explores one of the city’s cedar forests with arborist Adam Edwards, while learning about forest preservation. On the rooftop of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, she muses with film director Kasi Lemmons on cinema’s growing diversity of stories. Meanwhile, at calligrapher Aoi Yamaguchi’s light-filled studio, Adria Arjona finds out how Yamaguchi creates her unique interpretation of this centuries-old Japanese art form. And in the desert near Los Angeles, Adria Arjona meets poet Melissa Lozada-Oliva, where the two fly colorful kites for Barriletes, a Guatemalan festival to celebrate All Saints Day, with the kites representing messages of love for one’s ancestors.
    These encounters convey how even amidst the everyday, such moments can have an intense impact on the self, broadening one’s horizons and forever shaping one’s path.

    To highlight the olfactory savoir-faire infused into MY WAY FLORAL, a new film shot in Grasse, France captures Adria Arjona’s encounters with the artisans who are behind the scent. They share the secrets of MY WAY FLORAL’s composition. Adria Arjona meets Saïd Menhebi, the master compounder responsible for the finely balanced blending of the fragrance’s ingredients, which he performs by hand. Meanwhile, research and development engineer Sophie Palatan reveals how a meticulous molecular distillation process captures MY WAY FLORAL’s solar, creamy tuberose note. Adria Arjona’s encounters in Grasse give a glimpse into the story of this captivating floral fragrance and witness the art that lies behind its composition.

    My Way Floral is available from February at Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick and Cork, BT2 and online at
    Arnotts Beauty Hall and online at
    And from select independent pharmacies nationwide

    30ML RRP – €69
    50ML RRP – €98
    90ML RRP – €131
    150ML Refil RRP – €152

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