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    my d.s. wont eat potatoes or veg.its cracking me up. i feel she is missing out on all sorts beacause of it because as we all know potatoes are a great way to hide lots of other things in there that the kids dont know about. anyone got any tricks up their sleeves to get her to eat, she will be 2 in July and feel this will determine her etoing haits for life. HELP


    Actually dont worry. It all comes around. She will be eating it eventually only if you dont force her to or make a fuss. Usually they need their own time to get used to a partucilar food. Always offer so it will be her decision at the end when she wants to eat it.

    How do you cook them? Does she like mash? Try mixing apple and potato mash. Sound yuck to me but its actually delicious. Make your own chips. Try them as roesties (and carrots).

    Good luck and DONT WORRY. If you force her or make fuss. It makes the kids hate them for the rest of their lives. My daughter had a phase when she only liked beans on toast. So she had beans and toast but eventually she stopped eating them and moved on.


    Or try makeing potato bread or potato pizza base. Usually they enjoy maken them. If you need the recipes let me know.



    I make veg soup and liquidase, they never know….


    my ds used to eat everything, now eats with his eyes everything is plain….would like him to eat more veg and won’t eat fruit, so fruit yogurts are the way for me, had him at phn and she said once he’s getting enough iron etc etc, he will eventually eat other foods, he eats with his eyes so if it looks funny he won’t eat it, i’ve started giving vitamins just to have him ok, but she also suggested creating interesting looking food like, a car on a plate, wih potatoes etc check on line for some ideas, sometimes big cook little cook is good for ideas for making it look more appealing….but sorry not much help here, think it’s aphase kids go through….


    It is a phase they go through…you can sneak in a few veggies into home made pasta sauce its all liquidised so they dont know anything about it…have a recepie at home if you want it…home made chips, wegdes etc are a great idea…you could also try raw veg sticks, like carrott celery cucumber etc and give her a little dip with bread sticks, kids seem to like dipping stuff and she mightnt notice she is eating veg !! As was said before, dont panic about it and good luck….


    Something I did with my little boy when he wouldn’t like a new taste too much or was just ‘off’ dinners was to put a bit of yougart or something sweeter on top. It was actually for another reason I had to do this with my daughter as she couldn’t sense hot food on her tongue as easy as cold food so we dipped the tip of her hot dinners in yougart. As the dietician said we don’t put some different tastes together but if it works.

    Gradually lessen it until back to the dinner.

    Might work!


    My daughter was great at veggies, too bad the luck didn’t carry on to the second one. My son is terrible…he won’t even look at it twice. They only veg he’s had are……? tomato, green pepper and that’s where it end. He’s big on fruit but i get so worried that he’ll never go onto carrots, broccoli,all his greens in particular. I hope this is a phase but going on to 3-4 it hasn’t changed much…surely it can’t be good for the long run to survive on only fruits and grain? can it? sorry to hack your thread…just feel what your going through. rant over 🙄


    Try making fish cakes, get her to help making then. I found getting them to help always worked.
    My ds loved Rosito, I have a really easy Annabel Karabel it has pea’s, peppers, onions in it. I will be starting ds2 on propper solids soon and I’ll be doing a batch. I’ll pm you and drop you a sample (no point making a whole batch if she wont eat it)
    Like Dinomum I used to put diced veg into pasta sauces.
    I make soup (4 carrots, 1 leek or onion, 1 large spud and a stock cube) we all love it with brown bread. I would be good for you too

    Would she eat veg on a pizza?


    My ds wont eat vegetables unless its soup and everything is chicken I make goujans of fish and chicken and bake then he thinks their all the same and eats them no problem. But I make homemade soup two or three times a week to fill him up with goodness. I think its normal for toddlers to go through phases.


    Annabel Karmel does some hidden veg recipes like a hidden veg tomato sauce. I haven’t tried them yet because my ds is too young for them but if you want me to send some recipes onto you I will. 😀


    I make "alien pancakes" with spinach in it, try putting sweet potato or maybe tomatoes – blend them in with the pancake mixture.


    when i was weaning my daughter she refused everything..she wouldn take anything off a spoon. all i could get in to her was formula..but i figured as long as she was getting that she was fine..(she wouldnt give up her bottle til she was almost 6 as a result!!) 🙄 however when she got big enough to eat adult food, she ate all the good stuff..even now at almost 10, she loves her veg, and she eats a lot of raw veg 2..including potato..which i think is horrible!! but i wouldnt worry..mostly they do it in their own time when theyre not pushed..i know a woman whoused to but food colouring in mash and her little boy loved telling his friends that he had green potato for dinner!!


    If she likes mince, why not add tiny chopped veg, like a cottage pie, a squirt of tomato ketchup, gravy…Yum!

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