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    Hi there all moms and moms-to-be,
    I am pregnant with my second baby and am so SO happy – am now 32weeks pregnant and I am truly blessed in this pregnancy.

    Some back ground: Had my 1st born in November 2008 – a great pregnancy and then had an emergency C-section which went well, and I recovered well too. Then September 2010, while on holiday in South Africa [to visit family], I had a stroke [I was 34yrs old] and was left side hemiplegic[completely paralysed on the left]. I underwent intense neuro-surgery to remove the blood-clot and then – while still in South Africa – I had intensive rehabilitation for 4 months to re-teach my left side to walk, and to strengthen my left arm and hand etc. I’m now so to speak 97% recovered. We had returned Ireland in January 2011 and I am now clearly doing well.

    Well, I’m thrilled with the advent of my second baby, and because of my colourful medical history, we decided to be cared for throughout the pregnancy and birth and Baby Number2 at Mount Carmel Private Hospital. My consultant is lovely and supportive. I’ve had 2 scans already – at 10weeks [the first/introductory consultation] and then the anomoly-scan (to check all aspects of the baby from head to toe and the development of his brain, heart, lungs, insides – the whole-shebang) at 26weeks. We did do an additional scan and testing at 12 weeks for Down Syndrome primary due to my age and colourful history – which was good and reassuring for us – this was an added expense. I’m also due to have a another Caesarean Section because it would be best for my to not push under the circustances. All in all, everything at Mount Carmel is well organised andvery supportive and I feel that I am well taken care of and that the well-being of the baby is also paramount to the care they lend there. From a cost perspective, it is very reasonable – there is no lump-sum shock to the bank account – it is spread over an initial deposit, then three consultant fees at weeks 10, 26 and 34 and then should there be overnight stay for baby, as in my case having the c-section, there is an amount payable for baby’s daily care. Altogether reasonable, we think.

    I am well assured in my pregnancy and utterly thrilled to have a 2nd opportunity at being a mommie! Yay me.

    O – a survival beverage delicious in pregnancy which I would like to share:

    … Red Bush Tea [Rooibos Tea] – A tea native to South Africa and available at health food stores and at Tesco’s. It is naturally Caffiene Free. High in anti-oxidants. Delicious with or without milk, with/without sugar/honey. And also a super beverage cooled and diluted for baby to drink once weaned – my 1st-born thrived on the stuff – In South Africa, it’s a common drink for kids, sweetened or not. And, O so healthy tooo –

    There endeth me punting of a South African product. teehee ;-)

    Much blessings to all and savour the pregnancy moment it is the only time your baby is well-contained. ;-)


    Well hun…. sounds like you’ve had a rollercoaster ride of it! YIKES!!! Well, blessings to you and babs for a happy and healthy continued pregnancy journey! 😉

    And yeah, gotta go with you 100% on the rooibos! 😉 Incidentally, I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Lidl vanilla version…. VERY nice…
    😆 We South African types have to stick together! 😉

    Take care of you! xxx (and babs of course) xxx
    (You are looking gorgeous by the way! )


    If ever there was an advertisement for pregnancy its you! You are literally blooming and glowing – you looked amazing this morning. You have been through so much and you can just tell by looking at you how absolutely thrilled you are to be pregnant.

    Iloved being pregnant on all my babies, it is difficult at time but is such a special and magical time and just looking at you adoringly rubbing your bump nearly made me broody again!!! 😆 😆

    So happy it is all going well for you and that you are being well looked after, that is so important when you are pregnant, you want to feel listened to and cared for and its great to hear you are getting that.

    Cannot wait to meet your little baba when he/she arrives!!

    Feet up and take care and hope to see you next month again – you’ll probably be waddling by then, the last few weeks are usually when we walk like our legs are not fully attached to our bodies!! 😆 😆

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