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    super minder

    very sad today i had a great small playschool and thanks to the government bringing in new free playschool
    and parents losing job and things like that i had to close my doors.
    most of you know me as kind and friendly
    and i have had children that didnt speck much at the start of the year and a month later waffling away when mam and dad came to get them .

    to all i have worked with . a million thanks. my live has be great working with children xxx
    theres too job in the leader this week so wish me luck or my house will be going soon lol xxxx



    I am so sorry to hear that. Knowing you, I’ reckon you had one of the most fun play schools around. 🙂

    I’m sure you’ve given lots of children lots of happy memories. You can be proud of that. 😀

    super minder

    im going to take the train the traner course and teach childcare if i can. also im putting in form for the apprantice . sure life goes on. and still doing ann summers parties xxxx


    ach hun, thats so sad! 🙁 I can imagine you must be heartsore, and I’m very sure that any child that crossed your door will be better for having done so! 😉

    Heres wishing you every success, you SO deserve it…x


    Oh I’m sorry to hear that… best of luck with everything in the future, xx


    Very sorry to hear that, only ever heard good reports from anyone who knew you xxxx
    Take your time to enjoy your own family and i hope what ever you do in the future brings you as much happiness as your playschool did

    super minder

    thanks girls your all great too xxxx


    Thats very sad superminder – wishing you all the very best in the future


    so sorry to hear that…i’m sure without a doubt any child that crossed your door you touched their heart and enriched their mind 10000 times over and for that you will always be with each child that you cared for…

    perhaps angie as one door closes another one will open for you, wishing you all the very best of luck and no doubt you will succeed…


    Always remember you helped shaped all those little lives for the last 7 years and they will always remember you with fondness. I know my teenager still loves the ladies who worked in our local playschool when she went there!!!

    Best of luck with all you choose to do.


    Hi Angie,

    Sorry to hear about your playschool. Hopefully as this door closes another one will open and you will enrich more peoples lives in whatever you do.


    super minder

    yesterday i had a great get up and go day. applyed for my course and a few part time jobs to keep me going.

    the kindness and encouragement on this site is 100 % wonderful.
    i will let you know how things pan out. and olivia your so right. i know doors are opening as we speck xxxx


    Sorry to hear about your playschool. Hope you get the course you want and that things work out for you super minder. xx


    wishing you all the best Superminder, hope many doors open for you!
    Let us know how ur getting on xxx

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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