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    Righeo, so I have been feeling really fed up with myself over past few months. No matter how much exercise I do, I just have not been able to shift the extra weight around my belly area and it has been driving me mad. I know I put on a few pounds over Christmas and I assumed they would come off after Christmas but they have not. They have just added to that already annoying area and its getting me down.

    I have been doing some metabolic effect classes at Lab Fitness and find that my fitness is getting better and I can manage quite well at most classes but I still feel heavier than I would like. I know I need to lose 1.5 stones and just cannot seem to shift it no matter what I do like cutting down on chocolate and bread.

    So Laura has convinced me to give the LabFitness Metabolic Diet a go. I was hesitant at first because the word ‘diet’ makes me quiver. I hate thinking I am on a diet because the second I think I cannot have all the foods I like, suddenly I want them like mad. But I have been feeling awful about my body lately and I have decided that I need to do something to lose this weight and this seems like a good option to try. (I have seen my friend do it over the past few weeks and the results have been pretty amazing which is really encouraging me)

    The diet is not so much a diet as a new way of eating. Instead of avoiding carbs, it recommends you eat some with each meal. Its about balance and eating the right kinds of food together to make sure your body burns them properly.

    There is a specific diet for everyone – so in order to do it, you have to fill in a lot of detailed questionnaires and then Laura puts together the recommended diet for you.

    The main challenge for me so far is cutting out coffee and tea and biscuits – I miss my cappuccino and scone but I just realised that if I want to change the way I look, then I need to change my habits so thats what I am trying to do.

    there is one day a week when you get to cheat so I will have a few glasses of wine tomorrow on Mother’s day, so I won’t feel too deprived!

    I am on this for the next 4 weeks and will keep on writing about how I’m getting on for anyone who wants to give a try.

    I have to say this though – I started on Thursday and I had the best sleep I’ve had in years last night. It usually takes me a while to get off to sleep, my brain is always buzzing but last night – probably due to a lack of sugar & caffeine in my system – I slept great and did not wake during the night for a drink or a pee or for no good reason – like I nearly always do.

    Wish me luck – I really hope I can stick to it!!! :D


    The entire weight loss industry is filled with plans or diets. The "stay away from grains plan", the "paleo plan", the "fasting plan", the "low fat plan", the "low carb plan", Atkin’s, Weight Watchers, Slimming world, Jenny Craig…….these are all plans or diets. And this feeds right into our desire as humans for certainty (certainty is one of the most powerful psychological needs of the human brain). But, 66% of people who follow weight loss "plans" end up fatter 2 years later than before they started the plan. Surprisingly, the plan you choose has little impact on improving your chance for success. 🙁

    If you want to lose fat for a period of time and then gain it back again, then follow a diet. If you want to discover how to burn fat and keep it off for good, learn the process. If a plan happened to work for someone you know it is because they followed a process of making that plan fit their life.

    To become an expert in anything it takes about 10,000 hours of study, experience and effort immersed in the process. Body change is no different. As long as you continue looking forthe "right plan" you are playing the weight loss game and are far less likely to succeed. Fat loss is a process not a plan. Learn it, practice it and you will realize sustained fat loss.

    Metabolic effect (both exercise classes and nutritional guidance) are a process of educating people that fat loss has very little to do with calories and cardio… and it is mainly based on hormones…YES HORMONES… no matter how hard you train, how much your run or how many sin free meals you have, if your hormones are not balanced, the fat around your tummy and bum will not shift away…

    The programme will be launched in april and limited to 10 people per month as it is extremely time consuming on my behalf. If interested, please mail me at


    I have to say, I am not craving sweets & chocolate after a few days on it so thats one good thing! I could do without so much of those….


    Good Luck Sabbi,you seem like a really motivated woman & when you know what you want you go for it,so I would say that you will win your battle with your belly.make sure to keep us updated.


    Its a real struggle for me in this area – this is such a challenge but I will keep you posted about how its going.

    My period is due to arrive in a day or two so it may be very hard to stick to it once that comes along!


    today I’ve taken measurements of the first person who started this plan 28 days ago… results…

    she has lost over 32cm from her hips and tummy, she’s down 1 full dress size, has more energy than ever before, better night sleep.!!


    I’ll be down for the pics & measurements this week (yikes, not looking forward to that!!) 😳 😳


    Have not had tea, coffee, chocolate or sweets since last Thursday and am feeling good today. The first few days I did miss coffee and tea but I would not drink alot of either, so I am getting past that craving now. I am missing the sweet treats but I think its more a habit than a craving to be honest and I can cope with that.

    I was in a pattern of having a little chocolate in the evenings and its strange not having my little choccie fix anymore. I am sleeping great and my digestion is working very well, I don’t feel bloated or anything like that and l used to feel that alot.

    l think the first day or two were very hard but now, l am getting in to a routine and understanding how to eat, so its not so hard.

    interested to see how this affects my measurements in 3 weeks time….


    Well done, keep it up.


    I havent started yet, still havent had time to do my forms and im up to my eyes this week, so it will be later in the week before i get to fill out the forms…. just enjoying my last few coffees.

    Sabbi did you go into holland and Barrett and pick up the protein bars, you could have half a bar as your evening snack and get your chocolate fix.

    Im taking on board trying to include the carbs in all my meals, i noticed how much i cut carbs out of my mam meal.

    I have noticed my mood and energy levels after i eat certain things, yesterday afternoon i would have fallen asleep standing up, it has to be something in my diet.
    I dont do diets but this Metabolic programme really makes sense, for anyone looking to shed a few pounds and keep them off you really cant go wrong


    Yesterday my first group of Metabolic nutrition clients finished their 28 days, and even though i knew the results would be good, never did i think they would be this amazing

    – one lady has lost 8 kg, dropped down 2 dress sizes (down to a 12 now) and lost overall 36 cm of body fat (14 of them from tummy alone!)

    – another lady has lost 32 cm of body fat and for the first time in 15 years has been able to buy clothes without having to get the altered because of her tummy.

    in fact all of those of the 10 that have taken place have lost 20+ cm of body fat and all of them lost the most in the tummy

    Every single one of them has reported improved sleep and stress levels, sweet cravings have disappeared and energy levels have doubled!



    Good luck Sabbi – you won’t know yourself in a few weeks. They sound like excellent results. We will all be routing for you – we know all about the dreaded baby belly!!! I have done two metabolic effect classes which are tough going but I am hoping the exercise alone will sort my tummy.


    I was at One direction concert with my daughter last night and I had a moment when I wanted to dive in to a bag of chocolate M&M’s!! But I resisted and the craving passed. Must thank my very thoughtful sister – who is studying nutrition & fitness – because she made a batch of peanut & flaxseed cookies (very healthy indeed!) and put one in my bag as a treat for last night if I got peckish and it came in very handy around 11am when I was wrecked after our big night out!!

    Getting measured today – morto already!! 😳


    nothing to be scared of Sabbi…it’s just for you and me to keep track of how well you do 🙂


    My hubby was feeling me up in bed this morning and he reckons my belly feels smaller already – which is a good sign after less than a week!

    I’ll just close my eyes when the measuring tape goes around and pretend to be off on a sunny beach somewhere!

    maybe with all this effort I might get into a bikini one day – I never thought I would wear one again after having 4 kids but maybe I can. We’ll see how it goes!!

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