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    November ’12 and we on Mumstown were promoting The Personal Shopper service that Marshes Shopping Centre provide for everyone.

    At the same time I was thinking about what I’d get Mrs Admin for Christmas, viewing the words I was typing and the service Caroline offers gave the obvious answer, give her a call and scoot upto Dundalk.

    I gave Caroline a quick ring and told her I was interested in getting Mrs Admin some shoes, hat scarf gloves along with a few other bits & pieces.

    We met in the Marshes and Caroline (very friendly) was buzzing with ideas, she brought me to a few stores showed me some of goods we discussed. For someone who’s been in the Marshes a lot in the past 4 years, I was surprised at the things I’d never noticed before – not a big shock coming from a guy I guess.

    I was also pleasantly surprised that Caroline suggested using some of the stores in Dundalk town. Within 2 hours we had everything, a very stylish pair of high heels, smooth pair of leather gloves, nice hat & scarf, blu ray dvd box set, hair dryer and a very good pair of head phones.

    2 hours for a guy to get his wife’s Christmas presents, most of us men find it a struggle to come up with an idea or two, spending time with Caroline and I could’ve shopped for another two hours. It was a great experience, Caroline is very very patient and she has a genuine passion for helping people get the right product.

    I would highly recommend the service for any other lost Husbands/Boyfriends or indeed to use the service yourself.

    Visit Caroline’s website at

    Call Marshes now on 00353 (0) 429395250 to book your FREE appointment with Caroline.

    FREE Service with no obligation to purchase. Enjoy!


    I have to say, I got some lovely treats and thanks to my hubby and to Marshes personal shopper for what they came up with. Sure what woman does not love sexy shoes and swanky leather gloves – I was chuffed with them!!


    Caroline is lovely and offers a great friendly service!

    After your recommendation Sabbi I went down before Christmas and bought more in the 2 hours than I had bought for myself in 6 months!

    I am quite private and wasn’t sure how I would be trying on clothes for someone I didn’t know, but she is honest and understanding about my problem areas and advised on the right clothes to help hide them. I tried on clothes she thought would suit, but clothes I wouldn’t have thought I could wear, but now I can!

    I plan to go down again soon to put together some day time looks!


    For anyone who might like a little help in the shopping department, Caroline is just wonderful.

    She is so down to earth and easy going and really makes you feel at ease when you are going around with her.

    She gives great advice on shopping for your shape too.

    Highly recommend, especially as the service is totally free!!

    To book in, just call Marshes on 042 93 95250

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