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    Hi Lorna,

    Siobhan send an email saying you’d like to hear from us.
    I often write long emails, in my broken english. So read when you’re in good form ;-)

    I’ll give you my point of view, take what you want (if any) for rte, if you do so you can correct the english (grammar and spelling).

    The first week. The diet was easy (never felthungry), exercices very easy (I’m obese, but not unfit).
    But I had a VERY hard time, because I would have liked to understand the diet in term of calories, protein intake, lack of carbs in normal diet but carbs in vegetarian option, dairy.
    I wanted to have a green light for the changes I made to the plan. Having a yes/no list, list of options…
    I did the changes anyway, but felt a bit guilty about it (not for long anyway).

    The diet was easy in term of not feeling hungry, not once was tempted by the chocolate pudding that was on my dining table for the first 2 weeks (I should be more tiddy and put it away in the press ;-) )
    So no cravings for me. But some headacke for a day or so (mid first week).
    The cooking involved did not bothers me asI enjoy cooking. But I’ve to admit that is time consumming, and wasn’t sure at first if I could do that in the long run.
    But did it. One day at the time.
    But at first I bought pizza for my children to make my life and cooking easier. At the end, I put the pizza in the freezer and force them to eat my diner, they were not a big fan of it, but ate it.

    I got some support from members of the group of parents (one in particuliar, but don’t want to name her without asking before.), that did help me to go through that very difficult first week.

    I’ve hoped to see the experts once at the begining of the show to have a general, group consultation. When I agreed to be part of it.

    I entered the show / diet with a positive mind in term of diet, lifetime change.
    I’m looking for a lifetime change, a better and healtier eating routine.
    Knowing as well that I was going to succed. A bit presumptious, but it was my state of mind.
    With also not wanted to loose to much to fast to be able to last over the 7 weeks.
    Never looked for a quick fix. It took me years to become obese, not going to fit a size whatever in 7 weeks.
    Never set a set goal (ie loose x pounds, or fit that dress size ….), just set a new lifestyle.

    Second and third week : both were the same for me, did not do the exercices as I REALLY have some motivations issues. I start and stop Karl’s plan, it’s boring in my sitting room. My very supportive husband was doing it with me, but we had to wait for the children to be in bed and after our diner so not easy to keep going at 10pm or so.

    So I went to my local gym instead, followed some classes, some from which I could not walk after ;-)
    yes, I’m not unfit but I’m not fit either…..
    Since I don’t even looked at Karls plan. Sorry.
    Just follow the diet with my changes.
    That’s why a consultation with the experts would have helped. But it does not provide a good tv show, just happy group members….

    Now I loose around 1kg (2 pounds)/week. I’m really happy about it. That’s now my goal. First time I have a goal with numbers.

    I learnt how to deal with my questions, lack of experts support.
    But really happy.

    Some days my children are having my diner, some days theirs (don’t like sauces, ie chili con carne, curries….).
    Now I have more veg than before OT, and it’s going to stay that way.

    I find my shopping being cheaper! Less junk food, less bread or ready meals.
    I’m loosing pounds and saving money.
    I know what I want to do with it (it is not buying clothes), but we’ll see as I’m sure other non-planned expenses will arise.

    I found people around me very supportive, asking me about it, trying to do better for themselves as well.
    I tell them, how easy and successfull it is for me and how I’m disappointed by lack of support from rte (I asked (in week 1) Gary about possibility to see Dr Eva, and told us in week 4 or 5., so I waited.

    Now I know I can do it in the long run. Very happy.

    It’s still a challenge to combine it with my family life. Still in learning process.

    Lack of rte support is not an issue anymore as I get so much support from people around me (close friends, or persons I just know).

    Funny story, one day I had my diner planned.
    As Dr Eva says you need to be prepared.
    But not my children diner. So before I head out, told my husband to give them my meal. So when I came back they ate all my veg soup and chicken (for some reasons I planned a lunch for my diner….). So came back hungry (normal time) for my diner, and nothing was left. Then keep turning around my kitchen to find a quick and healthy meal.
    Had some rye craker bread with tuna and no veg (did not fancy to peel and cook them). Felt hungry afterwards.
    But did not fall into the junk food press (very few still left in it).
    But was not happy.
    It was a wednesday.
    Now due to a change inmy personal life, it’s always difficult on wednesdays.
    And it’s a sad day for me in term of food. No decent meal at all during the day.
    I have to work on that, as I can’t keep going like that for too long.

    Week 4
    Since my youngest son birthday party (30th jan) at which I ate some nibbles, I’m not as good at following the plan. But I know I’m not as bad as before OT. So I did learn something and I’m taking my life in hands.
    Now first the first time in weeks I’m looking for nibbles at 6pm (it was always my time to do so). Not doing it daily, but sometimes to be honest.

    I’m still happy, the meeting with Dr Eva was ok. Got a little bit of advice, but not enough. But as I said, now I can deal with it.

    Did not looked at the diet plan in the last few days.
    I have to eat more fish. My veg and protein intake is ok I suppose.
    I feel I’m a bit of the wagon, I do my own plan made from tips I get from the show on wednesdays (thanks rte player!) and from what I can understand from the diet plan of the last few weeks.

    Still looking for a substitute list.

    little story (again) : Was on the phone with my mum and she already plan the meals for when I’ll visit them this summer (it’s never too early to think about food when you’re french! ) My daughter discovered french christmas food, so my mum thought about having some in july (we did not see each other at Xmas), but then said no because of my diet. My answer was, I still have a life.
    It’s a question a quantity, I can have some of fattening food, if I don’t overdo or eat it everyday.
    I’s about moderation.

    For the moment it’s restrictive, so set good habits, but I entend to allow myself to eat all kinds of food, just not all at the same time and in moderation.

    Few weeks after the start of the plan, I exercice more than before, eat more veg, cook again (it’s always by periods with me), feel very happy, and know that I’ll reach a better weight at some stage. Now I have a better lifestyle that I intend to keep. I feel in charge.

    Thank you all for your support,
    and wish everyone the same success.
    It’s about taking our diet and eating routine in hands.
    By going public, I got some support that I would never had by doing a diet by myself. It helps me a lot.
    I still have some motivation issues, but it’s not as bad as before.

    I know as well that I always feel a bit low end of february (date we buried our son), will I then be temped by comfort food? Yes of course, just hope it will stay in the reasonable range. Sure it will.

    I’m very positive, more than before.

    Talk soon,


    You go girl…. loved reading your post and i agree with everything your say, once we learn to deal with this op trans thing alone with the help from the panel… i think you have a great outlook and i hope you keep it up, you look amazing and your post sounds SO more positive from the posts in week one
    i hope you get your goal of a healty lifestyle…. yes enjoy your french xmas food in July in your skinny shorts and t shirt 😉

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