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    Hi There,

    Just thought i better let you all know to BEWARE as my house was burgled Saturday nite / Sunday morning.

    We went away for the night & came home yesterday afternoon to the mess. I’m so shocked that it happened to us, i don’t know why but i just never thought it would!!!

    According to the gardai they came in the front door, they forced it open , the door is all damaged now. Seemingly its easy enough to do & the pros can do it in seconds. We have a new pvc door, i thought the locks were good on it but apparently not.

    They took laptops, camcorder, unopened bottles of alcohol etc and probably more but i haven’t gotten around to cleaning up fully yet. The most frightening thing is that they took our spare house & car keys – im so afraid that they will be back.

    We had locksmiths out last night & Gardai told us to hide the car until we can get locks changed.

    The worst thing is the mess they made, especially ransacked our main bedroom. Such an invasion of privacy. Havent cleaned upstairs properly yet, so may find more things missing.

    Im so upset, annoyed, angry & have this horrible feeling of dread in my stomach. Don’t want to be alone in the house.

    Anyway please take extra care at the moment. Although gardai told us that very few houses in our estate have ever been robbed for some reason, Locksmith told us that he has changed about 30 locks between drogheda, duleek & stamullen area in last few months, so things are getting bad!!!

    Im teary about it all today but I have to keep reminding myself, it could have been worse. We could have been there or i could have been there alone with the child, or they could have really wrecked the house where as they really just messed it up. Its just the thoughts of them being in my home thats bothering me.

    Id say they were pissed off with their findings at our house as we dont have too much to rob – no flat screen tvs, gameboys, MP3 players or anything of the like. Id say thats why the took all the drink.


    Oh Mary,

    I am so sorry this happened to you, its terrible. It happened us a few years ago, our house was ransacked and my car was stolen too; it was quite a shock. Thankfully, we were not home and no one was hurt and thats the main thing. Hopefully, they got what they wanted and will not return and you’ll get back to normal soon. (fingers crossed)

    Is there a neighbourhood watch scheme in your area? We have that and are all very vigilant now about what goes on on our street. Might be worth talking to your local Garda about that and get a sticker up on your door and talk to your neighbours about it too. Its can give you some peace of mind.

    Hope you are ok and not too upset, you need to mind yourself at the moment. 🙂

    Next thing is to start making a list of things that are gone for your insurance company. Have a look for any receipts you can find to prove the value of the items stolen. Our insurance company were very good when it happened to us, they even covered some things without receipts, once they were reasonable or if they were visible in a photo to prove they existed. e.g. I had a ring stolen which I had no receipt for but I was wearing it in a photo and was able to get a copy of the receipt from the jewellers and they covered it. Just get writing now while things are fresh in your mind.

    Again, so sorry for you and your family, its a horrible thing to go through. Hope they catch them soon – the Guards actually caught the guys who did it to us – they were driving recklessly and crashed my car and were discovered driving my stolen car at the scene and they went to jail for it. Hope same goes for guys who did this to your home.


    OMG Mary thats awlful. I am in Five Oaks myself. As you say at least you werent at home but yoy must have got an awful fright.


    oh Mary that is awful you poor thing hope you are ok hun xxx


    that’s terrible new marye hope you’ll be ok..


    Thanks girls.

    Still cant stop thinking and dreaming about it.

    It really has scared the life out of me, dont even want to open the front door now.

    Hope this feeling of dread goes. Have to keep telling myself that it could have been worse.

    You are all very good for your kind wishes.


    our hous ewas broken into and robbed in 2008 while we were in bed. they got in the downstairs bathroom window , and were obviously so quite they took loads , they went out the front door…

    we never recovered anything that was taken.. 🙁

    such an invasion of privacy


    Oh MaryE thats terrible 😯 I live in Five Oaks too, not nice to hear it happens on your doorstep.
    I have a carpet cleaner you can borrow if thats any good to you. Its not very often you hear of houses getting robbed in here, the house behind me was broken into a few years ago… i heard a loud bang about 3am and looked out into the pitch black garden! Nearly died when i heard the Garda who lives behind had his sunroom doors forced open and his car stolen.
    There is a family who live beside me and i do notice their hiace van driving about the estate for no reason iykwim… i said to dh i think they are checking out the houses. The little sister called to me the other day to phone a taxi as their van broke down (i live about 10 doors away) I asked why she called to my house, she said "Oh your always in your house"…. dont like that when they know your movements 😈
    Lai i have been walking up past your house over the past few days ~(ds2 likes that route 🙄 ) I did notice that you leave your bedroom windows open 😯 Since my "can you call a taxi" caller i shut ALL the windows even if only going to the shops….

    Carol Mcgee

    Sabbi thats terrible the idea of strangers looking through your things is a nightmare, thank god you and your family were out of the house.

    my friends own a business and were contacted by the Gardai to say they and their premises were being watched and they were tipped off that they were going to be broken into that the gang were known to have a gun. The guards explained that it would probably be at night that herself and the kids would be taken andleft somewhere while her husband got them the money they were looking for.

    They had to change all their habits, security and the the guards were brilliant they made their presence known which obviously have led gang to believe they have been rubbled. they have moved on unfortunately it is to some other poor unsuspecting family.

    Like you they have been lucky that no harm has come to their family. We all have to be more viligent and look out for our neighbours. Maybe you should treat yourself to a cleaner or get aload of family and friends to give a hand get the house in shape. It will make you feel better.


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