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    Hi girls my daughter is joining kidkast. Does anyone have their children in this?? Just looking for an idea of what they will be doing from another mothers point of view????? Its pricey at €185 for 2hours per week for ten weeks so just want to make sure Im making a good decision as their is local clubs but they dont cover all that kidkast do. thanks :)


    My daughter is in Kidkast for the last year and a Half, she loves it , she will be 7 soon, so she does 1/2 hour classes, as 1 hour classes would be too long, She loves it, There teachers are excellent, They did a great show in May.

    Compared to other classes in the town KidKast are excellent, all the kids that are involved is surely a sign for anyone

    Hope it goes well for your daughter


    Hi there, yeh my little one is in it too. This is her second year to do it and loves it. I only put her into the half our classes too. She’s nearly 7 so an hour altogether is long enough (and pricey enough) but i dont mind paying for it when i know that she loves goin to it every week. I would recommend it anyway.

    Hope your little one enjoys it.


    Hi guys, Tracey from Kidkast here, thank you for your positive comments. Just a clarification on the fees though. The cost of 185 is up to christmas which is 14weeks, so although it seems quite pricey, it works out at about 6.60 per class which isn’t far off what other schools charge (some are more, we’ve done our homework!) There is also an option to pay in several instalments between now and Christmas. Also a half hour class for the same period is 50 and one hour is 95, so there are a few options there. We run with the school year, so the next two terms are shorter and therefore cheaper. We do seek out the best teachers we can find, and they don’t come cheap unfortunately. It’s great to get feedback from parents so thanks a mill.


    Is there a website that I can check this out on?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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