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    Hi there,

    My brother is doing a 100km walk this weekend from Down To Carlingford for Charity – How mad is he?

    Anyway, i volunteered to be on his support team, i didnt really know what i was getting myself into. My sister & myself have got the night shift (ahhhhhhhhh). We have to meet his team throughout the night at certain checkpoints with all their kit plus hot food etc. Seemingly some of these checkpoints are remote, hopefully we can find them in the dark!!Plus we have to be within driving distance in case they need us at anytime.

    We actually got a booklet (a whole booklet) from the organisers on the support teams job – that was scarey. Anyway i cando the driving, i can set up the gas cooker & cook them meals but what im worried about is keeping myself awake & motivating the team – yes that is my job too.

    Any ideas on how to motivate them at 5am in the mornign when they are in bits?

    My ideas:
    Motivational music?

    Need suggestions?

    Please help


    % how much they’ve done and how little left to go (esp nr then end and defo when 50+% done)

    Tell them a story u have researched about an individual that their money raising will help and how it specifically improve their lives

    Gather good luck/well done/we’re so proud of u msgs from those who know he’s doing it (and others u’ll be motivating too) and read them out to them.

    If think of anything else will post!


    Thanks so much for your reply hjs.

    Great idea aboout the story & well done wishes.

    They start first thing Saturday morning at the top of Co. Down, i wont see them till Saturday night near Newry. So they will have 50% done by then & be feeling pretty bad i’d say, so will loads of nice food & motivation. Got all the camping gear together & have my menus planned.

    Someone told me to buy a cd "The best driving songs" – ive never herad of it but seemingly its good & ujpbeat. I could blare it form the car.

    Im also asking all my friends to text me jokes, which i can forward onto the walkers during the night, hopefully give them a few laughs.

    Anyone with anymore suggestions?


    Mary, how did it go? For u AND him!!!


    Thanks so much for asking. Well he did it. I dont know how. God, it was tough. He was part of a team of four who joined together with another team. This was a good idea as they needed to support each other. Like thinking about it, it was over three marathons in a row, with no sleep. They had blisters on blisters. Pure Agony. They crawled the last 8 hours. And it wasnt just flat land they walked, it was mainly hilly with rough terin. They are my hero’s. Seven out of eight of them made it over the finish line and this was such an achievement as more then 40% of people dropped out along the way. It was tough going for the support crew too, i have to say, just tiring mainly. Myself & my sister were the night support, we kept getting lost as it was so dark & we dont know the country roads of newry, even with our sat nav & maps. Luckyly we got where we were suppose to be everytime before our walking team did. We made them hot food on our little camp stove. Blared lively music from our car. Made sure they werefeeling ok. Badaged a few blisters too. Told them how great that they were doing, especially since other teams were dropping like flys. We had to talk a few them into continuing. Give them hugs when there were tears etc. Enjoyed it, was so proud of them.


    Well done

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