My body is a temple! Softer skin in a week!

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    I know we are all thinking of internal cleansing by saying goodbye to over indulgence and hello to lots of water & exercise. Give the skin the attention its deserves especially after the snow and extreme temperatures inside and out.
    These are our top tips for softer skin !
    1. Reduce skincare chemical overload by avoiding perfumed coloured skincare. Every perfume contains 200 different chemicals which dries out the skin… Elave skincare is gentle and clean & free from worrying chemicals.

    2. Moisturise twice daily with deeply hydrating moisturisers. A real quick fix is Elave Body Oil which deeply surges moisture especially on dry legs and arms. It is so gentle and is easily absorbed even in the morning after a shower. Find Elave in your Pharmacy.

    Happy Skin :)

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