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    It feels like just yesterday the midwife was placing her in my arms. She arrived very quickly on a sunny Saturday afternoon. 3 big pushes and she was out, no waiting around. The midwife lay her on my tummy and – then something incredible happened – she climbed her way up to my breast and started suckling. I will never forget the shock I felt that a newborn baby could turn and navigate to the source of food she wanted! My husband and I were gobsmacked by her and we still are now, 13 years on.

    This summer she has been kind and sweet one day and then a devil incarnate the following day. She has been moody and hormonal (which is of course normal for a 13 year old girl) and while she has driven me a bit mad and frustrated me, I am already missing her.

    How is she growing up so fast?

    I know she was a little nervous heading off this morning for her first day at secondary school and I must admit, I didn’t sleep great last thinking about her. I was feeling nervous for her. She is a sweet girl and not as grown up as some 13 year olds act (thank goodness) so I am worried about her being a bit unprepared for what secondary school may throw at her.

    It’s time like this I could do with a good massage and lots of deep breathing. I feel so nervous for her!

    I can’t wait to pop down and collect her and see how she got on. I hope it goes well for her.

    What am I like – bag of nerves!! I feel a little bit teary too but am hoping I can keep it together ant not embarrass her!!

    anyone else feel like this with their child starting first day of a new school? is it harder for Mammies or the kids??

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