my 2 year old ds stuck a piece of chicken up his nose

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    Oh what a night we had tonight while were sitting up eating the dinner tonight I thought ds had a piece of chicken sitting on the end of his nostril and asked dh who was sitting next to him wether it was a boggy or a piece of chicken and dh told me it was a a boggy but when I went to wipe his nose I discovered that it was infact a piece of chicken and he had pushed it into his nostril I tried to get it down with a my little finger covered in a baby wipe but I just pushed it up further I tried to get him to smell pepper, I tried putting pepper and water in his nose to make him sneeze I rang a friend who is a nurse and she suggested trying to suck it out with a straw but nothing would help it to budge and ended up having to bring him to MIDOC where they had to remove it, and I had to hold him down while a nurse held his head and the doctor worked on his nose, the poor little man was screaming so hard dh could hear him screaming in the car park.
    Thats a night I hope not to go through again


    Oh no, that sounds awful! Why do they shove things up their noses and swallow really ridiculous things???

    The worry they put us through. Hope he got a good night sleep after it – and you as well, how are you now? Its so stressful and worrying when something like this happens!

    My sister shoved a snooker ball (a mini one) up her nose when she was 3 and that needed a trip to A&E as well – little monkeys!!!


    Hope you and lo have fully recovered from the incident.

    My ds2 use to shove cheerios right up his nose and I would regularly have to get the tweezers to his nose and get them out. Stopped buying cheerios in the end so he moved on to the muller crunch corner youghurts. Just watch him like a hawk now 😀


    whats with the nose shoving thing 😈 Glad he is ok now


    I used to do that as a child too … much so that my mam was given a special torch and tweezers for the job from the doctor – think it was cotton wool and bits of tissue i used to push up….. thats weird – mustn’t have had enough toys to play with back then 😆 😆


    oh god, hope your child is ok, it’s really amazing what kids do…my brother once stuffed a rubber band up his nose, went to the docs etc and doc was trying to get it out couldn’t, next step was a&e only to discover my brother had snotted it out on the way to the surgery, my mother nearly killed him…..


    my sister had a match up her nose for 3 months my parents didn’t notice is till one day her nose was pumping blood she was terror .


    my nephew did this ALL the time… after many trips to the gp with lego up his nose and forking out 50 euro a pop, my sister does a DIY job now 😆 😆 😆 She tried once to get him to blow it out for over an hour 30 seconds in gp he blew it out at the cost of 50 euro, my sister said she felt like killing him..
    he is six now and grown out of it thank god… buy a good tweezers


    oh god my 1yr old has just discovered her nose per se and i’m dreading what she’ll get up to after reading these stories 😀 😆 what it is with the nose eh???/

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