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    Hi all,
    I need advice, tips and help…
    My daughter just turned 15 months today and she has no interest at all in walking. She so happy to shuffle along on her bum, and she will stand no problem at the sofa but when I try to get her to walk with me she would throw a wobbler and lift both her legs to sit on her bum. I have also tried to get her to stand with her baby walker and again she will fall to bum and start shuffling along. Friends and family keep telling me she will do it in her own time but time is ticking by and she no were near ready for walking. Should I be worried??? Has anyone else been through the same thing??
    All comments welcome.


    Hi Honeybea – your friends are right dont be worrying – baba will start when she is ready. My dd started walking at 17 months and my ds started at 13 months – Be patient – it will happen and then you will have your work cut out for you running after her 🙄 😉 😉


    my son didn’t walk till he was 2 he was quite happy to crawl everywhere, i wouldn’t worry, children do things in their own time, my sons 3 now and like a rocket can’t stop him now
    when she’s ready she’ll get to walking
    good luck


    Oh dont worry about it… if you make an issue and stress her and yourself out over it, that cant be good..
    my ds1 walked at 17 or 18 months, he would cruise about but had no intrest in walkng solo… ds2 is 15 months and will take one maybe two steps from us to the sofa but nothing more….. if i try hold him to walk he lifts his legs up in the air and i have to put him down on his bum….. not worried at all he will do it when he is ready…. some kids are just cautious about walking solo..once she starts you will be wishing she wasnt as thats when all the fun starts 😆


    As everyone else said, don’t worry about it. She will do it in her own time. My own 2 DS’s were extreme opposites when it came to milestones. DS was extremely early walking (9.5months) but didnt talk till he was over 2, whereas my DS 2 didnt walk till 17 months but was talking while coming down the birth canal 😀 (he never shuts up).
    Every child is different but it comes to them all eventually……


    Hi All,

    Thank you for all your comments, they have cerntainly calmed me down and I now realise that she will eventually get there 😀

    Thanks again x


    Some kids will be walking by the time they turn a year, while others will take their time and wait several months to do so. Either way, just about all kids are able to walk independently without difficulty by 18 months, may even be starting to run, and often find a new way to amuse themselves by walking backwards!!!! 😆


    think the imaportant thing is that she’s bearing weight on her legs – my dd ended up back at the phn a few times because she wouldn’tbear weight on her legs at all then all of sudden at 13months she started pulling hersself up and at 14months she was off. my other dd is only 8.5months and only wants to be on her feet, will walk if i hold her hands but hasn’t figured out how to puller herself up yet. my niece was 18months could stand for months but just refused point blank to walk.
    once she’s happy to take weight on her legs she’ll do it when she’s ready and as taylor says then you’ll be wishing she’d sit still 😆


    my ds is almost 21months and is just starting to take a few steps, rather reluctantly I might add, as he is happy bum shuffling. He stands at the furniture but is in no hurry to walk himself. I am not worried as I know he will just go for it one day and life will never be the same again, although the public health nurse was concerned, the GP was not.


    bum shufflers are known to walk much later than kids that crawl…my SIL little one was bum shuffler and didn’t walk until almost 2 – so don’t worry too much about it….


    My first little girl was very late in walking, nearly the 2 if I remember. We had her with the doctor and even had hip xrays done. She never crawled but rolled everywhere. She never pulled to standing but sat looking at the world going by. But one day, my Mum had her, and she rang me to say she had not just walked but run up the driveway. I was in shock. But she did, the little monkey. She ran. And never stopped. All the worry and she was fine. My children all walked, talked etc. at different ages. My little boy now walked early but at nearly 2 is slower on the speech. But I’m not worrying, he’ll get there.


    funny we were just talking about something similar on another forum about 8month old babies and how they all do things differently and some that walk early, speak later, some that concentrate on fine motor skills etc etc but someone used the phrase Every little flower opens in it’s own time 😉

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