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    As a self employed Mom I just wonder if i have set myself up for a life of stress, impossible multitasking, and triple jobbing! Am constantly working on achieving a stress free life and am carrying out research on what are the top stress triggers for working women and also how we can prevent them! Appreciate all responses!


    Amn’t self employed – by my main stress trigger is lack of time -time for me, the kids (guilt), the housework after work….

    The second trigger is that my dh doesn’t understand how stressed I am by the lack of time in my life!


    As owner of Hey Baby and mammy to a 11 month old and another one on the way-I understand all about the stress!!!!

    I do believe in the long run it will be worth it or at least I hope it will!To witness all your babys firsts is priceless…..corny but true.
    Hey Baby is growing at a steady pace even in these bad times.I have plans to open a shop in the coming months.

    So its all good…..apart from the wrinkles from all the late nights working 😀


    Hi all,
    I run Help Me To Parent ( and I understand exactly what you mean. If I was in a ‘normal’ job, I would come home from work, forget about it and plan my evenings and weekends around my life. Now, I find it hard to drag myself away from work and don’t seem to get any leisure time. If I do manage to get a ‘day off’ I spend it catching up on housework, laundry and grocery shopping. That said, I love it! I am so passionate about supporting parents and children and finding easier and better ways for family life. Some day it will all pay off and I will be able to reap the benefits. It takes a lot of time and energy to get a business off the ground so keep it up!
    All The Best,


    So glad to see this post!!I thought I was alone in the frustration of being a WAHM. I worked full time up to just over a year ago. I was full of guilt leaving my children in the creche and barely catching up with them on the weekends. When I got redundancy I was delighted as I had planned to set up a baby massage business anyway and this meant I could do it while caring for my children "full time". A year on and I am busier than ever. I feel like I have two full time jobs – one being my business (baby massage and baby yoga classes which may only be in the mornings but the marketing and admin takes over either afternoons or evenings and definitely runs into weekends) as well as trying to include pre-school pick-ups, full time care of my other child, and of course now the full run of the house (which previously was more shared … I think!!)

    Anyway, that’s not to say I don’t love my job – I’m passionate about baby massage and thoroughly enjoy the baby yoga classes. I absolutely treasure the moments I get to observe in the class, but saying that, it’s a lot busier than I expected and certainly yields a lot less financially than I was hoping for – every penny gets reabsorbed back into the business in the form of marketing etc and I think I’d be better off financially spending my mornings working in the local newsagent.

    The benefits however are that I can schedule my classes to make sure I get to see my child’s play in school, or can plan to have an afternoon in the park with my children which in a normal 9-5 would never be possible. It’s a balancing act which takes more effort than I expected but I’m hoping that I will look back and realise that I got to enjoy magical moments with my children at a time that they will grow out of quicker than I’d like to imagine!

    If you have any magical ways of making it work without the stress, please let me know!!


    I think after love, many mothers feel guilt as the next strongest emotion. I don’t mean to say we are all miserable, its just that we put ourselves under so much pressure no matter what our circumstances. We feel we have to do things that sometimes, we could leave a day or two. I get myself stressed if the house is untidy or dirty and go mad cleaning it and then I’m wrecked afterwards – where in hindsight, I should do it in stages. But the feeling of not being on top of things sometimes gets to me and drives me to cleaning like a lunatic 😳

    If we work, we feel bad for neglecting our families and if we don’t work outside the home, we feel bad too. I have been a SAHM and WAHM and there are pro’s and con’s to both.

    Its hard to find a happy balance but the joy of being a mammy means no matter which you choose, you could always do with an extra pair of hands and a extra few hours in the day (and possibly an unlimited supply of chocolate and wine!!). 😀


    Oh you are so right Sabby! Nobody warns you about Mother’s guilt. I only wish I felt enough guilt to frantically clean my house … I’m afraid it is a never ending list of chores that I never get on top of but I’d rather my house be a mess than me, so something has to give and my house is it!! 🙂

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