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    Feb 18th …

    Sorry for being off line for most of this morning … as you can see we have now incorporated the front end.

    A few of links aren’t working 100% just yet … but please keep us updated with your comments.

    Feb 15th ….

    As you can see we’ve added 26 COUNTIES to Mumstown Chat.

    I know it seems a bit of a maze :shock: , at the moment, but the new front end of the website will help us navigate … your patience is much appreciated! :)

    If you know someone in another county, please ask them to logon and introduce themselves in their county!

    Thank you for all your feedback … you’ll see some of these changes over the next week!

    Thank you.



    I really like mumstown.. it is a great way to meet people. There is a lot of great things been said and passed around. It is a great way of communicating.

    Maybe have a medical topic – illness , etc. Were everyone can share experiences.. offer advice.

    I love all the competitons / swap shop / general chat etc.

    I like to see the Local Events as well

    Keep up the good work, KELLY


    aw kelly putback up the membership list…cant see how many posts im notching up hahaha

    other than that wouldnt change a thing 🙂


    perhaps when there’s topics that haven’t been active for maybe 30days that they delete or something as general chat is way full……but we keep our amount of postings…..

    and show our postings and stars to show member length or something…..

    otherwise all poics seem to be there, like bargin spotting, finace advice, mumstobe, general chat etc etc….

    what about a section for MUMS SOCIALISE – that could have in it whether there’s a night to the pics, or drinks or parent and toddler groups, coffee mornings etc…..


    Thanks Ladies.
    Scole like your idea about inactive posts and some kind of membership recognition.
    Yummy you are WAYin the lead, but if in doubt, you can always check by clicking on your name.
    Libby thanks for the idea of adding a Dr. to the mix of Experts .. will see what I can do.

    How would you like to see the Chat forum divided IF Mumstown went national … i.e. all 26 counties? hint;) hint;)


    Good idea to divide chat into counties or regions, because Drogheda area covers Louth and Meath. I would also like to see a section for meet ups so that we can keep track of them. what about a section to discuss books and movies? What about a resident chef? What about a recessionista section about fashion and beauty tips on a budget?


    good ones bootwitch…..


    Some fab ideas there! Would love to see it go national too!

    What about some kind of live chat option?


    like ims, and skype…that would be fab…..


    I am not sure if I would like to see it go National, we will be flooded with the kind of nutters on the other mums sites..that what keeps this site great is that it has ALWAYS been so friendly.

    Might be nice to have a photos page on the site for mumstown events nights etc 😆 😉

    More competitions for fun even maybe a quiz amongst us all or some thing – ( well maybe not a quiz as you could just google the answers lol!!)

    I like the members stars idea too, for length of service and total posts!!

    Erm I can’t think of anything else at the moment..

    Oh maybe a jobs vacancies page? No reason why a company could not advertise on here for local staff..might be worth looking in to


    Another thing, is there anyway we can have this website secure as in you have to join to see posts ( i know that stilldoesnt stop the riff raff) and also if you google say my user name there are post galore on google 🙁

    hence the me not wanitng hmm to put the names on the pictures for the night out 🙂

    would LOVE IM’s 🙂


    Don’t worry I wont put any names up 😀

    I worry about someone sitting down to read back over all my old posts once they know my user name and who I am?

    Are all the ancient posts kept- you know where it says" find all posts by…."


    yeah i know, that’s why suggested that after a certain time period they’re deleted….besides will free up space…..

    and i agree with the whole logging in to read posts yummy….more secure…and also hmm point about the national…..maybe you can only log into your selected area….but can sign up for other areas if wanted…..

    i agree with hmm about mumstown drogheda is what makes mumstown more special compared to magicmum, eumom, rollercoaster etc, they’re all national and there can be bitching….where as here it’s local, so nobody messes with the locals… 😆 😆 😆 only kidding ya know what i mean, everyone knows what’s going on locally and the banter is great, so if there was a national mumstown, it would perhaps be better if they had to log into their area ie. drogheda/meath, dublin etc….and you could become a member of different areas…’ll still keep the charm of mumstown…..local…..

    and jobs section hmm great idea….


    Points all taken on board ladies. Don’t be shy for more …



    I’m glad someone brought up about the forums being locked, ie having to register to read… it was always something I would have liked.
    Have a section with all the playgroups listed, with times etc… this has only recently come into my head as I will probably start going to one or two when A is a bit older and it can be a pain to look for them!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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