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    Mumstown is going to be doing a series of product & service reviews over the coming months.

    As a mum, dad or mum-to-be, what kind of product/service reviews would you like to see???

    Please tell us so we can make sure to review what YOU want us to!

    Thanks for your feedback!


    Dyson Animal D39 Review:

    For the past few years we have had the same vacuum cleaner and while it has served us well, it was very heavy and awkward and vacuuming the house was seen as a chore that took quite some time. Many times we would just take out the brush and sweep up the floor because vacuuming was such a big job. Recently we decided it was time to upgrade and have picked up a Dyson Animal. We asked a lot of mums which vacuum cleaner they would recommend and Dyson was mentioned again and again, so we decided to try them out.

    The first thing we noticed about the Dyson Animal, apart from the snazzy purple colour and space age look, was how light it is. It is small, compact, light and easy to pick up and put away. After we took it from the box and set it up, which took only a couple of minutes, we gave it whirl around the downstairs of the house and were done and dusted in less than half the time it would have taken us with our old vacuum cleaner. To our relief, vacuuming has become less of a chore and a quicker, easier task now and wherewe would have previously picked up the brush to do a quick sweep up after dinner, we don’t bother with that anymore because it is actually easier and more convenient to run the vacuum cleaner over the floor instead. The vacuum is also bagless, which was very important to us because we did not want the hassle of emptying bags and buying new ones. Instead, we simply open the cylinder and tip the dirt out and close it up. Easy, efficient and cost effective.

    And it’s not the just the floor we’ve been vacuuming; we’ve sorted out the sofa, the car, the mattresses and all those niggly hard to reach places with the attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner. It’s a bit like having a new toy and we have been having great fun playing with it. The same week our vacuum cleaner was coming, I had also ordered a new pair of shoes. Like most women, I love my shoes and I am stunned to say, I was actually more excited about the arrival of the vacuum cleaner than I was about my new shoes. I am not sure if this is a sign I am getting old or maybe its just that I appreciate having to spend less time doing housework and that leaves me more time for going out (in my new shoes of course!).

    As a working mum with a very busy schedule and four very messy children (as the saying goes, a dirty child is a happy child, therefore our house must be very happy because they often make it very dirty indeed!), I would heartily recommend the Dyson Animal. It is one appliance that is making life a little easier in our house of mayhem! And while they are not the cheapest option, for the ease and efficiency they provide, we reckon they are worth the spend. For more information on the Dyson Animal D39, please see here: … C39-ANIMAL


    The Dyson Groom Tool Review:

    Have tried the Dyson pet groomer a couple of times now and have to say it’s great. Welbeck (our dog) looks great after a good brush and the fact that its attached to the vacuum, means there is no mess to clean up. The noise of the vacuum does upset him if it goes near his face, so we turn off the vacuum and just use the grooming tool on its own in that area if he is upset. The bristles are great for getting all his knots out and his coat really shines after a good grooming. As he is a non-shed dog, his hair only comes out when brushing and the tool is great for making this a mess free event. I would definitely recommend the Dyson pet groomer for dogs with long hair.

    Lynsey Bell


    Booster Pod – for little bums at the big table!!

    The booster pod is a clever little chair for babies who are getting too big for their highchair and want to join the table. It is compact and fits easily on a normal chair and because it is low in height, you can still push most chairs under the kitchen table – so you cannot immediately see the booster chair and this gives a tidy look to the kitchen table & chairs. The seat itself straps snugly on to the chair and feels very sturdy. It clips in around baby’s waist and gives enough of a boost for them to have the height to eat at the kitchen table with the rest of the family – something toddlers seem to relish! The seat is made from a rubbery material and is soft and comfy for baby to sit on. We especially like this feature because so many booster seats are hard plastic and cannot be very comfortable, so this is a welcome change from that. The seat is easy to clean and light to carry, so very easy to take out. It is ideal for trips out with baby, whether to a visit family or friends or even when going out for dinner.
    We give it a top recommendation and for the price, feel it is an excellent buy and good value for money. See:


    Dyson Hot: Dyson Hot Review

    Over the past few years our home heating bills have been on the increase. Despite turning the temperature down, not having the heating on too much and cutting down on baths in favour of showers, we still get those dreaded high heating bills.

    One thing that has bothered me for years is that if we are all sitting in one room, say if we are watching TV – then we only need heat on in that room but when we put the heating on, it heats the whole house which is a waste. With this in mind, we were looking forward to trying the new Dyson Hot – it is a portable radiator that you plug in and turn on in one room. It blows warm air around the room and the actual fan moves position too, so you get a good variation on where the air blows, as it blows it in different directions andnot just out in a straight line. You can regulate the temperature to your liking and it can be easily turned on and off instantly. There is no long warm up or cool down, its instant.

    We have been moving it around the house with us over the past few weeks, trying it out and we really like it. It’s very practical – if I am working in the office while the kids are at school, I turn it on for a few minutes to heat the room instead of turning the heat in the whole house on. If the house is cold when the kids are coming home, l turn it on in the hall for a few minutes and then move it in to the kitchen while they do their homework.

    It is light, compact and looks quite snazzy. It is so easy to move around (unlike the old heavy Supersayer heaters we had when l was a kid in the 80’s!!)

    The Dyson Hot is a good idea for anyone looking to heat certain rooms in the house without putting the heating in the whole house on.

    It also blows cold air in the summer, so if we do get a heatwave (here’s hoping) and need to cool down some sunny afternoon, then we’ll be able to pop it on for a cool breeze. As a mum, another thing I like is that the Dyson Hot has low surface temperatures throughout and there are no visible heating elements – so it’s safe around little ones, like our mischievous toddler. It also has a dead spot at the top of the heater so can be picked up or moved around – and no grills mean little prying fingers will not get burnt. And if tipped over, the machine has been engineered to automatically cut out, which with kids around is quite likely to happen!

    It’s another great invention from Dyson – I am a big fan of theirs ever since we switched to one of their vacuum cleaners and vacuuming became an easy task and not a complete chore. Their vacuum is so easy to use, we can get the kids to use it too which means less work for Mammy! It’s a 10/10 from us!


    We got a great little new attachment for our Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner a few weeks ago and have been trying it out on various surfaces.

    Its called the Dyson Tangle Free Turbine for our Animal vacuum cleaner and if you have daughters or pets or anyone who sheds hair in your house, this is absolutely brilliant!

    I tried it out by using it to vacuum the sofa, curtains, blinds and my car and it was excellent for getting into those hard to reach places. I found it did a really good job on the mats in the car and they can be a nightmare to clean.

    Even used it to get a few cobwebs in hard to reach corners around the house. Very compact shape and easy to use but with excellent vacuum power.

    Thumbs up from us! Especially for the stray hairs that our 3 daughters and their numerous dolls leave strewn around the house. It did a particularly good job on them.


    Product: Tomy Mickey Mouse Potty System
    Available: Smyth’s Toys Supertores
    Link: Tomy Mickey Mouse Potty System

    Many thanks to erins_mum for the following review:

    I would recommend the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse potty system" to all parents trying to potty train their children. I have been trying to potty train my 2 year old son for three weeks before we got the mickey mouse potty with no success.
    We had purchased toilet seats and steps for the toilet he didn’t like sitting on it
    we then bought a potty from a well known baby store he also didn’t like that. I had a child who was constantly wet because he refused to use potty and toilet seat.
    When we got the mickey mouse club house potty he took to it like a duck to water and is out of nappy’s over 6 weeks now including at night time. The potty is easy to empty and clean its also reasonably priced so not too expensive which is an added bonus
    I would 100% recommend it to all parents.

    Source: Mumstown Products Reviews

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