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    Ok gals, this is it! Our guide to helping you lose weight and feel healthier and better about yourself. Whether you need to lose a little weight or a good amount of weight (like I currently do) don’t fret, we can all help each other and we will reach our goals.

    Dave Kavanagh is our health expert who is going to guide us all through this process.

    Dave is going to post some tips below about keeping a food diary, increasing water intake, doing a little exercise to start off before building up and how to plan for being healthy (i.e. Not buying loads crisps and bikkies in the shop!). If you buy healthy, you’ll eat healthy!

    I’ll be first to start off with my Goal.

    I’m Siobhan and my goal is to lose 2.5 stone

    I am aiming to get back to my pre knee injury weight. I know I’ve put on alot of weight but instead of getting upset, I am getting active and doing something about it. A long road ahead but together, we can spur each other on.

    Financial Companion

    For the day that’s in it, something to consider as a starting point:

    Grocery shopping today? The single, most important part of any weight-loss journey, is the food and drink you buy. If you don’t buy the crap (that you already know is crap, despite all the excuses for buying it, "in case anyone pops in for a coffee", "just so I have something for the kids", "I’ll get it just to have but I won’t touch any myself" etc., etc.!) then you can’t eat/drink the crap. Make a list before you go. Don’t shop while hungry. Include in your shopping plenty of healthy options that you can put together during the week, for main meals and snacks. Plan to do something you’ll enjoy with money you save by not buying biscuits, cakes, crisps, fizzy drinks etc., like go for a massage or a manicure.

    Have a great (healthy) weekend 😉


    Hi im amber ! Id love to lose a stone by june! Im curently breastfeeding and swear im hungry alll the time lol to often i reach for the quick fix rather then the good food. Hoping the weigh ins will give me more drive to plan ahead nd start eating better !


    Hi all Munchin here.
    I’d love to lose 2 to 2.5stone. I did get to my goal almost 2 years ago but have let a lot of it creep back on my. Have my notebook at the ready.

    Am hoping in group format I’ll stick with it and get weight off and keep it off

    Thanks Mumstown and financial companion


    Great stuff, welcome aboard Amber & Munchin 😀

    Are you drinking loads of water? One thing you can do easily is switch fizzy or sugary drinks for water. One simple thing like that can make a difference.

    And make sure to snack in between meals to keep your metabolism up and also, you won’t be starving then and won’t be as tempted to eat sugary foods.

    Please let us know how you’re getting on!!

    And if you would like some recipes or snack ideas, let us know

    Dave – can you give us some suggestions for mid-morning snack, afternoon snack and evening snack?

    Best of luck!!!


    As well as eating well, we all need to do some exercise. Walking is a good one to start with.

    I am going for a walk on Saturday afternoon on Laytown Beach if anyone wants to join me.

    I’ll be walking from beach entrance at The Coast Tavern up towards Bettystown and back. I am thinking of heading off around 2pm.

    Anyone is welcome to join me 😀


    I got a shock when I weighed myself. I knew I had put on some weight but I had no idea I had put on so much.

    Even still, despite how upset I am by my weight, sometimes I am tempted to have a biscuit or cupcake (my daughter was having one today and I knew it would be delicious!) but I just thought to myself ‘How will I feel when I go to bed tonight if I eat that’ and the answer was, ‘bad’. So I didn’t have it and now, a few hours later I am so glad. It wouldn’t have filled me up. It would have just made me feel guilty.

    Every time I’m tempted, I am going to think about how I will feel if I give in and eat sugary foods.

    I have a good chunk of weight to lose and I am so unhappy with myself right now and I know if I stick to this, I will be so happy with myself.

    I will be wearing jeans that currently do not fit me.

    I will feel lighter, better, healthier and happier.

    So its Friday night and I usually eat crisps and chocolate on Friday night. But tonight, I’ll have a little popcorn instead. Home made, low fat popcorn with no butter! And maybe a small glass of wine. Just one or two though…..

    Trying to stay strong!!!


    Hi My name is Susan. For me it’s not so much what its says on the scales but more how I feel in my clothes! At the moment I am kidding myself trying to squeeze myself into my ill fitting clothes!
    My diet is horrendous and the more annoyed I get, the more I comfort eat!
    I want to be fit ans healthy to keep up with my spritely 3 year old twins and want to be a good role model for them too!
    I am ready to do this! Good luck everyone! 😀


    Hi all HMM here aka Kay.
    After resisting all this weight loss stuff over the years as I’m gorgeous anyway :-)I realise actually I’m quite fat!!!

    I want to loose at least 3 stone. A stone for each baby !!

    I love love food, love treats, hate the word diet , don’t drink enough. Work late and
    eat late. Don’t excersise apart from horizontally ;-).

    Dave your and my work is cut out for us with me !!!

    Look forward to this.

    I think I’m around 15 and half stone and 5 foot 10

    Financial Companion

    I’ve never shied away from a challenge HMM 😉

    So, with some of the groups I’ve been helping in this area in the last few years, we usually kick off with a meeting that allows me to outline a few helpful points, dispel a few myths and give people some of the tools to be able to motivate themselves going forward. I know some people will be able to get down to the Bagel Bar next Thursday but I’m aware that most people on here will not, so I will try to post in a way that helps people going forward.

    A few starting points. People will have various different reasons for wanting to lose weight. The aim should include being healthier and a little fitter, giving your heart and lungs the best chance to function efficiently.

    Once you decide to start making changes, be aware that it is long-term sustainable lifestyle changes that will give you the most effective results. Diets do not work. Any drastic change to your usual habits is not sustainable and will most likely leave you back at square one. Don’t expect to lose in 6 weeks what took 10 years to add. If you make one change per week, that is52 changes in a year. This is not a TV show so we are not aiming to show 3-4lb weight losses every week. Remember, 1/2lb per week is almost 2 stone in a year and if you lose it this way, you are far likelier to keep it off.

    A point worth being aware of (which also explains why sometimes someone can lose a large amount the first week and then little or nothing after that). You are not a weight, you are a band of weight that fluctuates up to 3-4lb each day. It takes between 24-72 hours from ingestion of food to expulsion of waste, so whether you like it or not, you are carrying around 3-12 meals of waste at any given time. A sudden "healthier" eating plan just means you are still expelling waste but not replacing it as much, hence the sudden weight loss in the first week (and the same with any fads that suggest you practically starve yourself for the first few days).

    The first thing to do to kick off a healthier lifestyle, is to keep a detailed, honest diary of every bit of food, drink and exercise. Don’t just put "chicken, potatoes and veg", instead list "1 boiled chicken fillet, 5 baby potatoes baked, 2 tablespoons carrots and 3 tablespoons peas". Instead of "tea", list "large mug of tea, 1/4 milk, 1 sugar" etc. We can try examine some of the diaries going forward and make some subtle, slow changes.

    It takes a deficit of approximately 3,500 calories to burn a pound of body fat. So to achieve half of that, it is only 250 calories per day. This could be achieved by cutting out a slice of white bread with butter and walking for 20-30 minutes. Don’t try to change too much in one go.

    I’ll cover a lot more over time but hopefully this gives a flavour of things.

    Have a great (healthy) weekend.



    Right so, I am off for a walk at 2pm from Laytown beach if anyone fancies it. My knee as its still healing after surgery so I won’t be running but I think a good walk will help get the juices flowing!
    As the saying goes

    ‘Sweat is your Fat Crying!!’

    Bring it on…..


    Thanks Dave great post !!!

    Working all weekend, not easy coming in starving at 11 /12 pm. Hopefully you can come up with some tips for that for me. I am leaving at 4.30 usually..never hungry enough at lunch to eat big 🙁 and then busy up till leaving so never eat properly :-(.

    Any one on here member at energie fitness who’d fancy meeting for a class or something ?

    I’m a member 4 years and shamefully have only ever used the pool !!!!


    Oh dear God!!! Just got off the beach and I think my legs may be frozen. Time for a skinny latte to defrost!!!


    Hi Everyone, I would like to lose one stone ideally but would be happy with anything over half a stone as I feel my clothes are tight around the middle- I carry all my excess weight around my tummy.( i feel I look 4 months pregnant and fear someone asking me when im due 😳 )

    Looking forward to all your tips Dave 😀


    Right everyone today is my first official start !!!

    Getting my notebook today and I’m away.
    Heading down to old bridge now with the dog for a walk and I’ve had an egg and orange for breakfast.
    Usually skip break or eat 3 slices toast white.

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