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    With all this snowy, cold weather getting us down; we reckon you may need a bit of cheering up, so how about a competition for some nice prizes….

    To be in with a chance to win, simply reply on this thread and tell us what you like most about Christmas.

    The prizes include:
    A Hamper, courtesy of Gourmet Food Parlour @ The Grange in Ballyboughal

    Neven Maguire’s new Country Cook book, courtesy of McArdle Meats in The Marshes Shopping Centre Dundalk

    A Marks & Spencer ‘Recordable Story Book’

    So come on everyone, lets remember why we love this time of year and lets try to forget about the snow for a while.



    Advent Calendars start off our Christmas festivities….
    Christmas starts with the first Sunday of Advent, We start Christmas Shopping and making the pudding – The big stir everyone takes a turn and makes their magical wish..

    Christmas Decorations are brought and put up after the 15th – Christmas Tree is a big occassion in our house – so many memories in all the different decoartions, most of storys to tell – made at Playschool / first christmas as a couple / baby pictures in Newbridge tree decorations / school decorations / decorations from our families tree’s / dough decorations and of course edible (choclate ones)

    Christmas Charities – we sent off money to Temple Street and we contribute to the different hampers in school , work and church..

    Santa Claus visit is a family affair the picture is a keepsake. The Christmas Carol Services were cancelled this year due to the weather..

    Spending time with Family and Friends , Celebrating the Birth of Jesus – at Family Mass on Christmas Eve in Augustinan Church , swapping presents and Santa coming.
    Best of all this year – Is Granma coming to visit and spending Christmas in our own home, first time since we got married..

    Having loads of fun..


    For me it is the sheer excitement…. leading up to the day, and the day itself of course. With a three year old and a 5 year old… Making sure that the Santa letters were collected by Santa’s elf (from the stocking hanging at the fireplace)… to Christmas morning, when they discover that the carrot has been eaten…. and that Santa has eaten the banana bread… 😉
    And of course the faces when they see what is in the sacks under the tree.

    For us, although far away from family, we take great comfort in the family that we are… this year, I’ll be singing on Christmas morning, and nothing better than having my family with me when I do so….

    We are very blessed….


    christmas is all about the children and family, i love it when all the family come home to spend christmas with each other…..unfortunately in this weather thats not going to be possible for some of them this year 🙁
    can’t wait to see the childrens reactions on saturday, its the babys 1st year that we’ll get a reaction from the presents, should be fun 😆


    Christmas is seeing my little girls first ballet recital aged 3 1/2 …spluttering into my handbag trying to conceal my laughter as 10 little ballerinas/elephants try their best to be graceful. Christmas is seeing her in her first christmas show in playschool….my little angel was dressed as an angel singing her heart out towering over rudolph and joseph beside her 😆 😆 Christmas is seeing my baby boy aged 2 rocking a baby dolly saying sshhhhhh baby jeeefus sleeping 😀 Christmas is seeing my baby boys eyes light up with mischief upon seeing the Christmas tree each time he enters the room 🙄 Christmas is having my husband home from work and having him all to ourselves for a week …sharing our childrens joy …..finally Christmas is family ….our little family ….everyones family and the baby jesus and his family 😀


    Ah Beams… I can just see it now! 😀


    Christmas to me is something that makes me believe once again in what christmas is all about, filled with love, laughter, kindness from others, great christmas spirit, family together..

    The run up getting the presents and santa presents and dressing the tree, with every decoration that we have got over the years from people abroad, loved ones who have gone before us being remembered as we hang their decoration lovingly on the tree, the homemade yearly decorations and seeing how big your child has grown each year….writing the santa list, seeing santa and seeing your child’s facelight up and twinkles in their eyes, pure magic alive within them, making you once again hoping to believe that santa was real for you, getting ready christmas eve and feeling the same butterflies in your belly as your child does as they get the goods ready for santa and his reindeer, reading T’was the Night Before Christmas and kissing them goodnight, excited for the morning light to come…wrapping the presents laying them out….

    As your children walk down the stairs to see if santa has been seeing the carrot bites, the crumbs on the plate and the pure delight and wonder of how this one man made it around the world in One night… watching your family with smiles on their faces, Thanking God for them there beside you….

    Remembering the Last christmas with My Granny as she watched us with smiles on our faces Knowing that, that Christmas would be her last, remembering her smile, her laughter and her love of Christmas…and Thanking God again for all the Special Angels we have been blessed with to watch over us..

    Christams Day having been to Mass hearing the Beautiful Singing, and realising that this day is Truly Special…

    Family together eating the dinner pulling the crackers reading silly jokes, wearing silly paper crowns, unbuttoning your trousers to relax afterwards and sitting infront of a fire eating roses and falling asleep an hour later…then after a power nap and the commencement of the family board games, monopoly, charades, then horrendus kareoke….

    It truly is a wonderful time, a time to be thankful for what you have, for your family and true friends around you….the hopes and aspirations that the New Year will bring…




    I love everything about christmas.
    First of all Santa is so resourcefull.
    In our house in the last few years Santa made 2 visits including one in january when my son was back from hospital.
    This year, he’ll come again in january because we’re not home on the 25th.
    Kids are just happy to have double the visit (not double the presents, just half each time).

    I loved my christmas as a child, Santa came to visit us in a local cafe, and to get our attention he had a laddle (easily available in the cafe/restaurant) and start to give out presents himself.
    We always had a christmas eve party with family and friends, friends who had to go on christmas day to their own family. One year, I was about 10 we were all snowed in (I promise you it’s not 2010) by the time the diner was finished (it was an 4/5 hours diner), noone was able to leave the party, everyone had to sleep in and spend christmas day there without visiting the family.
    And as kids we had a great time, more time to play (we were about 10 kids same age range). Adults were a bit worried, had to cancel previous plans. But at the end everyone still remember this white christmas and it was such a nice positive memory.

    Now as a mum in Ireland, I discovered new habits.
    Feeding the reindeers and Santa (never did in my house, but when Santa has just finished it’s 5 hour diner, they’re no room for more cookies or carrots 😆 )
    seen my onw kids wake-up and so excited discoreving that Santa came.
    I always have tears in my eyes seen how happy they are with the magic alive.

    Christmas it’s so magical for kids, adults.
    Snow or not christmas will stay magical.



    Christmas to me is just…pure magic!
    traditions old and new, oldest tradition in my family is the annual trip into Dublin city with Dad, now in our 28th year,may have to skip this yr due to snow though :(…nothing special just head in, buy the last few bits, many phone calls home to see what is needed for the dinner!! and then lunch in town before we head home, after that things have changed in the last 28 years…before i would help mammy with the dinner, usually have a bit of ham and brown bread (yum yum)…now…well have 2 dd’s and my own home so after we return from town its back to the madness of a christmas eve with 2 young children!! bath first, then new xmas pjs, hang up the stockings, leave the food out for santa (do-nut this year for some reason???) and reindeers (empty the 5 bags of reindeer food the dd’s have made onto the driveway) and then up to bed with them….christmas day, well you can imagine the craziness of the morning….then nice breakfast (pancakes, bacon and maple syrup this year!) and then washed and dressed into our xmas clothes and off to mammy for dinner! stpehens day is another long standing tradition, over to aunts house for dinner and games! with grandchildren, partners we now have 29 for dinner!!
    every year the same, and i wouldn’t change a second of it…pure magic!


    Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, having fun and laughs with no stresses!

    Seeing my childrens faces Christmas morning when they see what Santy brings…
    Enjoying everyone being in good spirits…


    Fab prize… have entered!

    Fingers and toes crossed!


    Christmas to me is all about the children, regardless whats happening in the world it doesnt matter for that one day! As long as each child is happy playing with their new toys, warm and well fed thats all that matters

    Christmas is a time for eating, eating and over eating, we shop like the shops wont be open for a month, but in fact they close for just a day or two!!! We buy turkeys so LARGE that they hardley fit in the oven! Enough sweets and treats that the average house looks like willy wonkas factory……. so after a huge brekkie of fried ham and french toast (sure you may as well its christmas :roll: ) Kids tearing about with their new toys, the daddies playing with their new iphones or ipods gadgets, then on to the part of the day i love the most…. DINNER!!!
    The works, turkey, ham, stuffing, about 6 different type of veg, marrowfat pea (yum yum) a mound of mash and roast spuds… a bucket of gravy……. and still leaving room for a big bowl of Trifle 😳 😳

    At this point your about to burst so onto the sofa, the fire and trashy christmas tv….. only fools and houses, The Royal Family, Willy Wonka, Father Ted etc A little nap until one of the kids clocks you with your eyes closed and you get a big boo or bashed with something 😆 😆 😆 Then to stop yourself going into a complete coma, wrap up get the dog and go for a good brisk walk!!! Back home to the sofa and fill the gap the walk make in the tummy with scots clans and quality Street…. then off to bed and dream of next year!



    Grandma (hubby was to drive to Glenageary on Christmas Eve at 11pm and collect her) has decided to come down early in the morning and coming to Christmas Vigil with us… Children are so excitied

    My cousin and family were coming from England — we were so disappointed that wouldn’t make it…. As airport has closed they have just landed in Shannon . yipee

    My step mothers Aunt is dying so we are doing pressies and kris kindle this pm…

    Hubby just home from Nights (continous nights for last 10 days) off now till tuesday night…

    Hope all is well for everyone else – Children are so excited only two sweets left on Advent Calendar – Looking forward to spending Quality Time with my Hubby of out for a nice meal later….

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all xxxxxxxxx


    Thanks for all your lovely posts on this thread, they were all great so we randomly pulled out the 3 winners – and they are…

    Beams – A Gourmet Food Parlour Hamper, from the Grange, Ballyboughal, Co Dublin.

    Fabienne – A recordable story book, compliments of M&S.

    Yvonne – Neven Maguires new cookbook, Country Living, compliments or McArdles Meats in the Marshes shopping centre Dundalk.

    Please contact us at to arrange collection or your prizes.

    Well done everyone!!


    Congradulations Ladies – enjoy your prizes…

    Happy New Year one and alll…..

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