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    Bagel Bar & Laurence Town Centre Drogheda invite you all to come along to our Mumstown Summer Beach Party with your babies, toddlers, little & big kids Tuesday, 3rd July.

    Dress the kids in their swimsuits (or wellies & raincoats depending on the weather!) and let them enjoy:
    Indoor sandpit
    Colouring table
    Play area
    Complimentary chocolate milk

    While the parents enjoy
    FREE parking
    Free nibbles and other goodies!

    Big & little kids of all ages welcome.

    From 10am, Bagel Bar, Laurence Town Centre, Drogheda, Tuesday 3rd July.


    dd1 doesnt usually get to go because she’s at school and she had a ball -I was off work yesterday and she talked about it allllllllll day long – Thanks for all the fab goodies you’re very good xo oh Sabbi you must have talked a bit to DD – she kept telling me S said this, S gave me this :wink:


    Ah sounds like fun, I think we may be missing for this one as our Summer Camp begins…but we will be there in spirit…. 😉


    Not to worry guys – we’ll be up to our ears in face painting & sand so we’ll have the kids entertained!

    See lots of you for our indoor beach party next Tuesday…


    Laurence Town Centre have organised a Face Painter too – so the kids will be well entertained!! 😀


    Weather dependant; the babies, toddlers & kiddies can come in their swimsuits, sunglasses and hats for fun in the sandpit!!

    Or if its raining again – a raincoat and wellies!!!

    We are hoping to have a batch of Moojo chocolate milk for the kiddies too! 😀


    Just as well its indoors, the weather forecast is more RAIN!!! Kiddies can come in swimsuits if they like – or maybe swimsuits and raincoats and wellies!!


    😆 😆 😆 think dh and dd1 might be around after all, she’s not doing summer camp now until next week with her buddies


    Great Munchin, wouldnt be the same without themm!

    We’ve just spent past 2hours making goody bags for the first 50 parents in!

    See you all in morning…and we will have a few prizes to raffle off too from Elave, Smyths toystore and Green Angel skincare!

    And if any of you want to wear swjmsuits too feel free! Lol!

    (l would if l was in week 6 of bootcamp and not just week 2) 😳 😳


    What a brilliant event today – the Bagel Bar was bursting with little people and their mammies & daddies and a few grandparents too!!

    Thanks so much to:
    Laurence Town Centre – For the FREE PARKING and for bringing in Martin the Magician who really entertained the kids so well for over an hour! and for the endless supply of crayons and papers to colour in. Why the children were colouring under the table we don’t know but they were happy and thats the main thing!
    Bagel Bar – for the sausages & crisps
    Avonmore – for the generous supply of Chocolate & Strawberry Moojo Milk
    Elave – For the baby Nasofed drops, Nasofed Spray & Elave skincare samples
    Yes to carrots – For the skin care treats and eye gels and body butters….
    Bonny Baby Bunting for our lovely bunting – its on display in the Bagel bar and looks fab, if anyone would like to check them out, see here

    As it was so so very busy today, we did not get the chance to do the full raffle as some people had to go when we were about to do the rest of it – so if anyone was there today, simply add your username below and we’ll pop you in the draw and you might just win something fab!!

    Thanks again to everyone who came out for it, we had a great morning and were delighted that everyone made such an effort to look ‘sunny’ despite this awful weather.

    This terrible rain is why it had to be an ‘indoor beach party’!! 😀 😀

    See you all again next month on Tuesday 7th August for what will hopefully be another eventful morning! 😉


    my girls tell me they were under the table because it was the girls club under there… 😆 …kept them happy


    great morning. hope the birthday girl had a ball. loved the nasofed, thanks


    We popped in some little samples into some of the bags from Aura salon too – check out their special offers on the flyers we added in. Some great deals on there at the moment!


    Add in chewieodie please! lol….

    My two were totally enthralled by the magician…. didn’t budge for an hour, what a pleasure!

    Thanks again to all involved…. a great way to spend the morning… 🙂
    And of course thanks for all the goodies….


    Big Congratulations to the winners in our Mumstown coloring competition from our July Beach Party in Laurence Town Centre.

    They are: Charlie, Teyla, Ali and Conor and have won prizes from M&S and The Wise Owl!! Well done to all the children who coloured in lovely pics on the day, they made the Bagel Bar look very colourful!

    See you all again for our next event on Tuesday 7th August! 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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