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    :D [size=150:18h90oei][color=indigo][color=violet]Thanks a mil for a great night, had a brilliant time tonight putting some faces to names. Look forward to many more meetings. Hope all you girls enjoyed your cocktails.[/size:18h90oei] :D :D :D


    What a great success!! It’s great being mums but sometimes it can be nice to be just us!! Look forward to doing it again soon!! 😀


    didn’t get to meet you girls, the only thing was that we were a little slow starting off…shy really…nobody wanted to go hi who are you…so we’ll have to do it again….glad everyone had a good night….was great craic had such a laugh……i feel like i’ve a hangover even though was on the mocktails…..must be the late home after 2….bold….but was fun….


    Had a great time, so nice to meet so many fun mums, so glad scole convinced me to go!

    A special hello goes out to all the girls sitting at our table, I laughed so much that my tummy hurts today! Yiz are a great bunch.

    Happy Birthday to Mumstown!

    AM 😀


    Kelly not sure if i said it last night, but thank you very much. It was a great nite. Scole i fell a little like you this morning, have cheese on tast at the moment and hoping it will stay down 😕 The joys of cocktails. Have to say though those Cosmos were fab.
    Was lovely to see everyone, can t wait to see those photos. Back to bed know i think to recover.


    ouch my head … ouch my toes


    hi, was just talking to your friend viix on majic mum, asked if us east meath mums knew you.. i live close to you at paul berrills.. have prob seen you walking up and down to beach…
    didn’t get to go out last night – was raging!!!! hubby was on nights so had to stay in with the little ones… sounds like a great night, deffo make the next one! my sister went tho, still waiting to get the lowdown…


    hi, was just talking to your friend viix on majic mum

    THAT’S ME! I am vixx on MM, lol. Last night was great, pity you missed it, my head is POUNDING! lol. Didn’t get to bed till after 3am!


    Had a fab night! Didnt get home till 5! Love cocktails im having one right now! Well without the alcohol. Yum Lai cheese on toast sounds good. Well done Kelly happy bday mumstown.


    You are a star ! Thanks for a party ! I can’t remember last night out ……with so many nice girls!
    Looking forward for next party- hope- soon enough !!!


    What a fab night, I had the best time, so great to see every one again. We must do it more often!!!

    Just home from work after a very hung over 12 hour shift.

    Have not had time to organise the photos yet but will do with in a few days.

    Thanks for being such great sports with the camera, especially yummy, scole and happy mammy!!

    Photos became better in content at the end of the night, however the quality declined by 2am!!!

    Again thanks Kelly , fab nite


    HMM thanks for taking all the photo’s! Even if we did all look like we where posing for ad for magic knickers! Please delete any ones of me grabbing taylors boobs or my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😳 😳 😆


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 you loved it……


    Well done Kelly on a great night, sorry I didn’t get to say hello to everyone it certainly looked as though a good time was had by all, anyway.


    Have to say, great night!! And totally agree the craic at our table was mighty!!!
    Was home about 3.30, asleep before I hit the pillow!!!
    Will have to do it again soon!

    Thanks Kelly and Happy Birthday to Mumstown!!!!

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