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    Just highlighting something that was pointed out to me this week.

    Oestrogen plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy bones in women (hence women have to be extra careful after menopause when oestrogen levels plummet).

    However, many women are unaware that repeated pregnancies & breastfeeding (both of which lower oestrogen levels) can affect a woman’s bones, especially if these happen close together.

    Healthy bones look a bit like the inside of a crunchie (lots of little holes), but the bigger these holes get, the weaker the bone becomes.

    The advise I was given was to get a scan (got it done for E20 in chemist in Dundalk) to see where you stand & go from there. It only takes a few minutes & you get a printout placing you in a green (good), amber (ok), red (danger) zone & to watch diet.

    I’m to go back when I’m finished with pregnancy / breastfeeding etc & thenthey will redo the test & decide whether I need a calcium supplement & vit d.

    The condition of your bones CAN be improved if got in time.

    Other risks are
    – if you have a small, petite frame or
    – if any member of your family (particularly women) had broken hips, lost significant height in old age or had curvature of the spine.
    – if you don’t get regular exercise (this strengthens bones)
    – if you smoke

    Hope this encourages a few of ye to have the scan!


    My mother has this and she was once a very tall 5’11 woman, she is now only a few inches taller then myself 5’4…. she drinks a cement type treatment every week and takes tablets everyday

    Another thing to factor in is the menopause, my mam didnt take hormone supplements, if she had she wouldnt have be suffering so much now in her 70’s


    Thats giving me more motivation to get to Zumba tonight – exercise should help as I am petite and my nanny has pageants disease, which affects her bones.

    Thanks for the advice Pookie – thats a good one to know. Think will go for that test myself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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