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    Did anyone watch this programme on TV3 the other night? It was a programme about men in their 30’s and 40’s still living at home for free or handing up as little as £50 a week (uk programme) The parents were all elderly and they carried up their tea to their bed in the mornings, one man who was 36 was showered by his mother!!!!! She would stand in the bathroom while he was naked in the bath showering and her saying did you wash your ears etc…. vomit inducing stuff, it was very wrong on so many leves.
    Two of the three men walked about the house naked, one guy was chasing his mother about while he had no boxers one, the mam was all giggles like a teenager!! Very disturbing stuff…. I just dont think its right for a grown man to be naked like that infront of his mother, fine if its your wife.
    Would love to know if anyone else watched it and what you thought?


    I was pretty disgusted by it aswell,i just cant believe that those men even agreed to get filmed for that programme,i mean did they really think they were going to come off in a good light after it……i cant see any of them ever getting a partner as they could do nothing for themselves & would contribute nothing but extra work to a relationship.

    I too was very shocked about the men flashing their willies at their mums every chance they got,,,,it was soooo odd.


    Yes it was very strange indeed, makes you wonder why they still lived at home…. the guy whos dad was still alive didnt flash his bits!!! But he did take over the house the poor mam and dad had to tip toe around him! Feck him out and get his own place

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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