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    Helen Reynolds

    Hi Im Helen a new mum to my baby boy James and he is wonderful. Although at times especially in the beginning it was hard to adjust to motherhood. I have a worry. I am back to work in 2 weeks and i have a wonderful childminder but im still so ancious about leaving him. Will he be ok??? 😭


    It is so normal to feel anxious – I still feel anxious at times leaving mine and our youngest is 7!

    Are you happy with your childminder? that’s the crux of it we reckon!

    if you trust this person and are confident in them, then baby will be fine!

    Going back to work is hard after maternity leave and its normal to feel anxious so be extra kind to yourself and talk with your partner or family about about how you are feeling and they can help put your mind at ease too.

    HTH and good luck!!!


    I’d be nervous too. Going back to work is hard, you dont wanna leave them with anyone else, no matter how good they are but he’ll be ok. they are more sturdy than we think, even at 5 months.

    good luck going back to work. let us know how it goes for you


    If your childminder is qualified and capable then you don’t have anything to worry about. but, as a Mum, you’ll worry anyway, its part of the job description. Hopefully it will all be ok and you won’t need to worry once you all settle into a routine.

    hope everything goes ok for you and good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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