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    Oh my goodness, I knew you could get into trouble if your children missed more than 20 days at school in a year but I did not think you could be jailed for it?!!


    i’d say like alot of stories there’s probably more to this than we’re being told in initial reports. 27/28 days is a hell of a lot of days for one child but 3!!!!! and the report said no evidence of them being sick
    E1 had suspected slapped cheek last year but our doctor told us to send her to school if she wasn’t sick has once the rash is out they are no longer contagious. I did speak to the principle the next morning before sending E1 in.


    It is alot but jail time – thats quite severe. If the dad did not turn up for the court case, who is looking after the children?


    i imagine the children are with family or in care. I’m not saying I agree with jail time at all but i imagine this could well be the lastest episode in a long list of things.
    My nephew would get very bad chest infections ever year and he would be sick enough to require an antibiotic & miss school but he still hasn’t missed anything like 5 weeks from school – i just think there is more to the story than we’re being told.


    This has always been the law – you must send your children to school. In years passed, the children would be sent to one of those awful homes if the parents were not sending them to school. At least now it is the parent and not the poor child that is suffering.

    They have obviously been in trouble before as the Judge "activated a previous suspended sentence". Whether or not it was for the same offence – who knows!

    28 days between September and December is an awful lot of days – when you consider that they have mid-term of a week in between and the end of December off.


    my daughter missed 29 days with her asthma in junior infants i handed in 3 doctors notes and a few notes from my self and i was still getting a earfull from the school officer i mean this wasn’t your normal stuff that they were doing they weren’t even given dd work to catch up on at home i had to demand it. then they left dd in soiled clothing for the hole day from around 10 in the morn till 1.50 without ringing me they had 3 numbers belonging to me. the teacher was always shouting at the kids even pulled 1 by arm to the bathroom and lot of other stuff happened. i changed dd’s school and she loves it i have never seen my dd so happy.


    My daughter has asthma too and because of this if she gets sick she gets really sick and I have to keep her home i do however try to send her in to school to be sent home so they dont think im just lazily letting her stay home and using her asthma as an excuse. She has missed at least 2 weeks this year but what can you do if they are sick they are sick. We do however catch up on all the work she misses we tend to know what is next and just do it. I do write to the teacher asking her to send any classwork she missed home but they never do

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