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    Hi all u multi-taskers,

    I am undertaking a bit of research for an article about how we women survive in the recession – what we turn our hands to in the face of job loss, how we (re)discover skills we never thought we had perhaps, and just exactly the lengths we go to to grab those increasingly elusive euros.

    Who out there has found themselves doing something that 12, 18 months ago would’ve said never-in-a-month-of-Sundays can I see myself doing THAT!.

    Which of u wonder women has surprised, nay AMAZED yourself with how you’ve revolutionised your earning power? U don’t need to be earning a wedge, just doing something u could not have envisaged during the thrust of the Celtic Tiger.

    Do you have a story about changes you’d like to share? And I suppose let’s not leave out the lads – if the man in your life has turned his hand to something new, let’s hear about him too!

    All comments welcome!!



    I would post this in general chat it may get more traffic..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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