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    hi girls, just wondering, if you felt much movement at 21 weeks? I think i have felt the odd kick, but nothing like when i was PG with the boys, maybe i am just rememering from the last few weeks of them as i was getting THUMPED!!

    Im back in the hospital next week anyhows, Maybe its just coz this time, i havent had the time to notice the odd kick here or there coz these 2 boyz are keeping me busy as a bee!


    no advice but wanted to say you have a lovely little bump . seeing your pics on bebo of disney land… the boys are getting big as welll


    Awe thanxs rosylisa!!

    Do you know what, after I posted that, and I was sitting here, I felt some kicks, so im thrilled!!

    How many weeks are you now?


    depends trixie, i have been feeling flutters since ages and this baby hasn’t stopped kicking me since about 20 weeks and can feel them but on my first ds wasn’t until about 25 weeks when i started to feel kicks, so don’t be panicking, i’m sure it’ll make up for in time….


    you know what trixie i can’t remember and i’m only 29weeks 😆 I do remember lots andlots of flutters for ages but boy when this babs started kicking and turning he/she hasn’t stopped – i never really had that with E – she went head down very early and really only moved side to side with odd thump etc this babs on the other hand god one minute i’m getting punched at top of bump next minute i think child is trying to get out kicks are so low – it mad the difference, dh felt it the other night and was in knots laughing!!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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