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    I know our local school has 31 junior infants in one class this year and I think 6 other junior infants mixed in with a senior infant class…….the numbers are getting so big its a disgrace. How can a teacher comfortably teach this number of new junior infants in one class……i feel for the teachers.

    I also heard of a country school, but again not sure if hearsay, local to Drogheda who have 37 junior infants in one class and if theywant another teacher the Dept of Education won’t provide one but the parents can pay €15 a week towards the cost of providing a teacher. Maybe some of you have heard of this or know the school in question, is this true?

    Either way classes are far too big….and its so frustrating to be able to do nothing. Protesting will let our voices be heard but will it bring change?

    How can they expect all children to reach their maximum potential when
    they have so many children in a class. What about the future for these children? And especially children who may need extra support to keep up at a time when resource teaching is being cut too.

    We may be in a ‘recession’ but the children now will grow up to be the adults of the future and I would prefer well educated adults with a good school experience, especially in the early years education.

    Separate, but linked – the Preschool regulations for children in preschool care or early years education have ratios of adult to children and the idea of a 1:31 ratio would seem crazy in a preschool setting. But in a matter of weeks, still aged under 6, they go to this ratio of 1 adult to 31 children. Where is the sense in this. And we all know that as well prepared as children are for school some will have difficulty settling in or have difficulty with coats, toileting etc. How can one teacher cope with all this….my hat goes off to junior infant teachers.


    Sorry, not the best wording on the poll ? but cant work out how to edit it.


    it’s crazy to think there’s so many in a class, that’s why i have choosen the schools i have for my ds due to small class sizes…..

    i’ve not heard bout the other school that is suggesting paying 15euro a week for an extra teacher, that’s scandaless(sp)……

    really the government need to sort this out it’s a joke…


    The size of classes is ridiculous… I know the school you are speaking about Mummy5, with 37 pupils… crazy! As for parents paying €15 a week, what a joke!

    I’m lucky with DD’s school, there is 27 in the whole room, 13 in her class (Juniors) and 14 in Seniors and from September there will only be 22, only 9 coming in this year…..


    So it is true then yvonne, didn’t want to mention name of school in case was hearsay.

    I thought my school would always have smaller size classes too. But rural schools suffer on the double as when they have too many for one class they have to split classes. Even junior infants are split with senior infants. This has to have an effect on quality of education, even with the best teacher and the best intentions. Children shouldn’t be in the same class where they are learning different cirriculums for a different age group together.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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