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    Hi All,
    New to this site and hoping some of you can help me out. :D

    We are thinking of moving at the minute and Drogheda is one of our choices. It would be to new developement "Avourwen" which is on the Duleek side of Drogheda just as you enter the town. Hope Im explaining it right! :P

    Anyway we have 2 boys, oldest will be going into 3rd class next Sept. Youngest will be starting in ’09.
    What would our choices on schools be? I dont drive and am worried about where the nearest school would be. Or are there school buses at all?

    Also any info on clubs playgrounds etc for kids much appreciated 8)

    Thanks a mil


    the nearest school to you there would be congress avenue. it has a very large waiting list so you might not be successful. there are plenty of other schools around the area although i dont know what way they work bus wise, as im from the north side of the town myself.
    I do know there is a very small country school just out the duleek road, just b4 the graveyard that maybe you would like to take a trip to, again i dont know about buses!

    as for entertainment etc, there is loads to do in drogheda, maybe have a read through of this site to get you started and then ask question if you see something specific u are interested in!


    Hi Babog

    My suggestion would be to contact the schools direct – there is a list on this website and check re buses as some do and some don’t and they would also be able to tell you about availability of places. There are a few nice playschools in that area too. All would be a bit of a walk but nothing too hectic. Daisychain, Ferndale and Peter Pan are all around there and have good reps. I think the school near Duleek is called Mount Hanover (anyone know?) it’s supposed to be small but very good from what I have heard.

    That looks like a good development, we were looking at it too but haven’t made up our minds yet. Good luck with whatever you decide.


    Thanks a mil for the replies girls.
    Would you believe I never realised there was a whole other part to this website apart from the chat room? 😳 Haha! I only found the homepage with all the info after logging on today.
    Its still nice to hear from local people though as they can tell you things from a personal viewpoint.


    hi babog, best of luck with what you decide.

    I moved here nearly 5 years ago and I love it here, there are now great shops, the leisure facilities etc have greatly improved, and continues to grow.

    As yummy mummy said, have a read through all the info on the site, and if we can help you with anything, just ask. This site is a Godsend!!

    Good Luck! 🙂

    Ms. Michael

    Hi there i’m in the middle of selling my home to move back to Dublin (long story) but i love it here there is so much to do for children and adults together. For the kids there is a playground not far from you, leisure centre, with swimming pool, football pitches (indoor) play centre, bowling, and then upstairs you have a bar and restaurant and a chinese.Your five minutes from the beach and amusement centre in Bettystown.PuddinHill Activity Centre is 15 minutes from ur new house which has Kart Racing, pool, Animal Farm, then you have Newgrange if u like ur history and then theres Newgrange Farm.Theres always something to do indoor and outdoor.Loads of Shops for mammy and bars, cafes, nice drives etc. I don’t know why i’m moving really 😕 Not sure about schools as my son is only 2.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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