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    hi all

    dd has to get grommets in and her adenoids out.

    I am wondering if anyone has been to the Mount Carmel , as this is where they are being done .
    we are being told its an over night job etc..
    Can i stay with her , will it be a chair to sleep on etc :roll:


    Hi Almae,

    I was at Mount Carmel a few years ago and it was lovely, the staff were really nice and I was very well looked after. So from a cleanliness and professional point of view, its a good hospital.

    When a child is staying overnight there is usually facilities for one parent to stay too. They usually provide a bed or recliner. It won’t be the best sleep you’ve ever had but its better to be there with your child than at home fretting. At least if she wakes up, she will have one of her parents by her side.

    Try not to worry, my nephew had this done last year and he was grand afterwards. It was worse for his mum than for him!


    we have a choice of dates 3rd dec or 8th dec , or can wait till Jan.
    at this stage after talking to family etc we will wait till afer xmas , just incase. I would hate her to be sick over xmas. 😥

    I am dreading it.


    Almae, try not to worry. My nephew was grand a few days after. He was up and running about and terrifying his poor mother!

    Our son had surgery earlier this year and we were so worried and stressed about it but he was absolutely fine afterwards. Sore for a few days but back playing football within a week (much to our dismay)

    Its hard for us because we know what they are in for – but for them, they bounce back quickly afterwards, thats the wonderful nature of children.

    If it was me, I would go for the first available date and get it over with and be all set for Christmas with it behind us – but you have to do what you feel is right.

    Try not to worry, its a common procedure and it should be simple to perform and be over with quickly. You’ll be more worried about it than your LO – we can’t help it, us mums worry so much, reckon thats normal though. x


    She will be fine… a few days with a bit of calpol and she will be fine.

    I had my adenoids out and my nephews too…. the only thing you have to look out for is bleeding after the op, if you have a hyper child that wont sit down this might happen, my nephews are mental but a few dvds and they were delighted to sit still for a day or so.

    its a fab hospital, they would have beds or chairs for the parents, give them a ring…. if not my mam lives about a mile away, she would give you a bed if you need one


    I also would take the first date.
    if your child has a cold they might decide to post-poned it.
    If you wait jan and if they have to post-poned it then you’ll have to wait even longer.
    At leas early dec is only few weeks away, and it will be long gone by christmas.
    Kids are so resiliant.
    Santa could bring an extra letter with chocolate or note for her special icecream in freezer, because he knew she was so brave.

    It’s a common procedure, and it’s icecream after for few days, just fun forkids and good way to start the party season (the icecream, not surgery 😆 )

    But choose what suits you, her and your family best.


    my nephew was back in school the same week, he wanted to get back to school….. its only a day or two they can be a bit sore


    My daughter had her tonsils out in Mount Carmel a couple of years ago. Great hospital and really nice staff. I was allowed to stay the night and was given a recliner to sleep on. They also gave me breakfast the next morning!


    thank you all for the responses..

    we have decided to wait till after xmas as we her dad and i are due to go to London on the 8th and we looked at cancelling and if we do we lose the money.

    and as they said its not urgent we have decided to wait till after xmas , i just want her to enjoy xmas , i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if there was any complications afterwards and she was sick for xmas.

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